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Politicians, Campaign rhetoric and accountability

Even though I know, if you see a politician or candidate's mouth moving, more than likely they're lying, I still take it rather personally!
And feel hurt. Millions of Americans, desperate for change, were wooed by our new President's promises of "change we can all live with". Promising to start withdrawing our troops from Iraq immediately after taking office. Now he's merely "looking" at a 23 month timeline! Promising to get Wall Street and bankers out of government. Well...just look who's on his cabinet! Promising to re-negotiate NAFTA. During his campaign for the Presidency, he was caught sending memos to Canada and Mexico declaring that promise to be merely rhetoric.The list goes on. A majority of our congressmen aren't any better unfortunately. Once in Washington and approached by big money, tasting the life big money brings with it and recieving donations of millions of dollars in campaign funds, the people back home become increasingly unimportant. As do our property rights and civil liberties. I despise theives and liars and our federal governing body seems to be infested with both. My point is, as candidates, they are actually submitting an application for employment to the American people. Now every job application I ever filled out, I had to sign attesting that all information given was true to the best of my knowledge (loophole), and that anything found to be untrue, could be considered as grounds for immediate termination. Why is it then, politicians can say anything to get elected, then do whatever they want after they're elected? Why is there no accountability? As a small business owner, if my mis-representation is grand enough, I can find myself behind bars.
Of course I can't see congress voting themselves away from big money, or voting for term limits either. Sigh! "You may say I'm a dreamer....But I'm not the only one." -- John Lennon

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