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PLEASE people. I'm trying to WARN YOU!

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Emergency Broadcast! New World Order Ahead!
“A wise and frugal government, which shall restrain men from injuring one another, shall leave them otherwise free to regulate their own pursuits of industry and improvement” - Thomas Jefferson

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The NWO has been around for long time, what

is coming is the One World Government, by the looks of it reigning with an iron fist. Oh, and you and I and many others are not supposed to witness the heaven on Earth they want to create.

Perhaps do an archive search here (search button right hand top of home page), and type in any topic you want us to know. You will probably discover we're fairly well versed.

Thanks for trhe warning

I had no idea. I will put a stop to it right now.(sarcasm) preaching to the choir. Been doing my best to warn others for 2 years. Some get it. Others just can't handle the truth.

Here is a comment left by

Here is a comment left by REPUBLICAE on another thread a couple of days ago. And I must say I agree with him/her whole heartedly. The NWO is just another fear mongering tactic.

Never underestimate the power of misery to spark revolt. What we are now witnessing in this country and around the world have implications far beyond what we now understand or even consider. Those who advocate, and are attempting to impose a new world order are in fact in complete disorder and disarray. We have, incorrectly so, been conditioned to think that the new world order is one grand scheme, when in fact, the so-called new world order is various factions, splinter groups that have very little cohesion and in many cases are in open opposition to one another. If they can't unify themselves what on earth makes anyone think they can unify the world under a single government...it will be a dismal failure. There is no reorganization taking place, only a seething mass of confusion and disorganization that has no firm direction or vision for the future of anything. Though they may try, their efforts will fail because there is simply no way to place the degree of control necessary over the various peoples of the world.

While I am perfectly aware that many people have come to the conclusion that the New World Order is in complete control, and that this growing economic disaster is staged, I think the evidence points to something far different than we suppose. First, I know that market forces are far more powerful than any group that we might think controls it; time and time again that has been shown throughout history. This latest economic dislocation is basically caused by massive government intervention that is contrary to very, very powerful market forces that are beyond any control of any group or government.
There is a tendency to think, especially in our Country, that the New World Order is this very organized group of elite that rules the roost. We have been conditioned, primarily through people that publish books and websites, making money off the information they produce, to believe a single Elite group is in complete control. The fact is that there are many different groups that can be included in the New World Order, some are allies, some are neutral and some groups are in conflict with the mainline groups.
While I personally feel that in this country, as well as Britain and Australia are basically composed of Fabian Socialist, due to the documentation that I have found over the years, there are other groups with equally as evil goals in the New World Order, all vying for power, all promoting their own particular agenda. These differences in agendas do collide; there are disagreements within the New World Order. Now, while the wealthiest group, at least for the last 100 years has been the American/British Fabians, that base has been eclipsed over the last few years. Even in Britain, there are splinter groups that oppose the Fabians, such as The Fourth International, which is a radial revolutionary group, the largest of the Trotskyite ideologies, who are far more intent on a direct overthrow of governments and economic structures normally associated with capitalism.
Additionally, the old guard within the New World Order is rapidly dying off. There are other groups that are totally opposed to the American/British versions of the New World Order. Even in the Fabian stronghold of America and Britain there are factions that are vying for power, think of the Neo-Conservatives. The Neo-Cons were Leftist in the 50s and 60s who left the Democratic Party because of certain ideological differences with the Democratic Socialist. The Neo-Cons are basically Trotskyites, radical warmongers who believe that the only way to implement political and social change is through continual revolution. While the Neo-Cons have worked closely with the Fabians, such as Bush with Tony Blair, which should not be considered conclusive evidence that they are in agreement as to the path being taken or the goals set by their respective ideologies. Neo-Con Trotskyite ideologies are not the same as Fabian Doctrines and are contrary to the agencies of the Fabians. Those agencies, all of which were created by Fabians, are primarily the CFR, the Trilateral Commission, and the CIA.
If you remember when George Bush Sr. mentioned the New World Order, he did so from the perspective of his own alliances. There is not “one” New World Order.
Have you ever considered what the “Bildeberg Group” meetings really are? Those meetings are powwows between various groups who are in contention for certain goals, goals that are not always in concert with one another, nothing more. Even in Europe, there are splinter groups within the European New World Order, all, once again, vying for position, for power. The New World Order is not as consolidated as we have been made to believe by popular publications. There are also some “wild-child” groups that, while Socialistic in emphasis, are not playing the same game as the mainline groups of the New World Order. In fact, there are some that don’t play by the same rules. I would consider these groups as degenerate groups, degenerate in the sense that they do not comply with the mainline elites; these can be found in the Middle East, Central Asia and in Asia.
The European version is centralized in Brussels, its attempt to consolidate power through the European Union has basically been a failure and I wouldn’t not doubt that the EU disintegrates in the next few years as the various national interest take precedent once again. Even now, we are seeing Ireland leading the way for disunion. Not only that, but the fact that the EURO is not being universally accepted throughout the European continent spells a great deal of trouble for the Brussels branch of the New World Order. There are some countries that will not accept EUROs with serial numbers from certain other EU countries. With a non-unified currency there will be no EU, and that is happening very quickly.
Additionally, if you have noticed there is a great deal of disparity between those within the European Union and America/Britain, especially when it comes to Israel and the Middle East. Even in Britain and America, there are factions that are becoming increasingly vocal. The rift between the American/British coalition and the European coalition is rapidly expanding.
The EU, being made up primarily of ideological Marxist, and are in conflict with the American/British Fabians. For decades the American/British Fabians have held the power, the money, but the EU faction has increasingly pressed its power and sought to increase its power. The only thing that has been in the favor of the American/British Fabians is their ability to totally corrupt the corporate/financial world, reaping the benefits from a fiat monetary system that assist in the control of the world’s money, and therefore most of the power.
Have you ever considered why the Russians are now only considering the possibility of a first strike against the U.S. and Britain, instead of including the EU? Have you thought about why the U.S. is implementing a missile defense system on the borders of Russia and have built bases throughout the Central Asia borders of Russia? Even though the U.S. is putting up a missile defense system in Poland and in other areas, the Russians are far more confident about their influence over the EU Marxists then the American/British Fabians. Russia controls most of the energy that fuels the EU, and they don’t trust the American/British.
All of these factors contribute to the visible and rapidly expanding rift between these various groups. This is especially true between the various Leftist Organizations centered in Brussels and the American/British Fabian Globalists. In fact, I believe, based on the information I have, that the European Marxist/Socialists feel that they have been misled by the American/British Fabians on a number of fronts, including the promoted idea that they somehow share the same goals, when in fact they do not. That is rapidly becoming apparent. The EU faction has become aware that the American/British faction doesn’t intend to share power and that is not playing well within the rank-and-file of the European faction. In fact, during the last major summit on Global Governance, the European faction, who has the majority of alliances within the United Nations, sought to bring various American/British controlled globalist agencies, such as the IMF, World Bank, the BIS and WTO, under a control of what they would see as a more equitable power-sharing base. The most likely globalist body would be the UN and since the European faction has more allies in the UN, they will feel that they could exert more control over these American/British controlled agencies. Of course, the American/British factions are not on board with that power-sharing structure being pushed by the European faction. I have a feeling that the next major push in the UN will be seen when the European faction seeks to eliminate the Security Council’s veto power. That will effectively neutralize the power of the American/British faction in global affairs since the majority of the General Assembly is comprised of European allies who are primarily Pro-Marxist, not Pro-Fabian.
Additionally, there is even a slight rift between the American Fabians and the British Fabians; this is especially true when it comes to the EU. Britain tends to try to play both sides of the fence, trying to sustain alliances between the American factions while flirting with the European faction. Traditionally, the Tories have been closely allied with the American faction while the Labor Party more closely associated with the European Marist factions, whom did change to a degree with the rise of Bush and Blair, but there were still distinct differences in goals and agendas. There is a growing resistance in Britain itself to the European faction, primarily from the Tories. It is also important to remember that the European faction is far closer to the Socialist International directed from Russia than it is with the American/British faction.
Perhaps the greatest threat to the New World Order is the rise of China and the degenerate form of Maoism. They are not players with the mainline New World Order, and the agenda they promote is not the same as the Western version of the New World Order.
Additionally, the recent rise of Russia back on the world stage has placed Western agendas in a precarious position.
The point I am trying to make is that we have been conditioned to think of the New World Order as a single group of Elite that control, or attempt to control everything; the fact is that it is not as consolidated as we have been told. China and Russia are not, I repeat, they are not on board with the mainline New World Order.
Thus, I offer this as something to consider. The New World Order, despite all the hype, is a house divided. It is, therefore, my contention, that we have much more reason to hope than those who promote their books, their websites about the New World Order with dire predictions of imminent rise of a One World Government. I personally think the New World Order is in much more danger of disintegrating than the Cause of Liberty and Freedom for which we fight. The Cause of Liberty and Freedom, despite the power of the various factions of the New World Order, is growing rapidly in the hearts and minds of people all over the world.

UN Agenda 21 Sustainable Development

any thoughts on that?

I think you may have this site mixed-up with another

We already know this. Many of us are the reason you and millions of others know. Thanks for the list of videos and articles, it's weird not being a conspiracy theorist anymore.

Kinda takes some of the fun out of it

doesn't it?

The Plumber

The Plumber


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thanks for clarifying

i clicked on each link, watched for 3 or 4 secs, been there, done that.

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Warn us to do what?