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My conversation with a former US Army Prison Guard deployed to Afghanistan

My conversation with a former US Army Prison Guard deployed to Afghanistan

So I have no idea how to title this forum topic, but anywase, here we go.

Today I was in my political science class at my local community college and I was talking to a very attractive young woman (maybe 25, I'm 21). She told me and my teacher after our class where we discussed the torture case with Obama and the Department of Justice that is all over TV now, that she served in Afghanistan as a prison guard and inspector (she searched prisoners cells and said she saw inmates being tortured!).

She told us how in Afghanistan she worked at a US prison, and she had to search each cell to find any homemade knives or contra-band items, and she said some of the inmates made knives out of tape!

She also said if an inmate was good and told officers or whoever where the stashes of weapons were on a map, they would give them a snickers bar or a candy bar and a soda for telling them about the weapons stash. She said she saw people being treated well inside the prison and inmates being tortured! She said that she covered herself in her uniform and bands wrapped around her head and put on goggles to hide her identity and also keep from getting food or other items thrown at her face when she searched cells.

She said one day she went into a prisoner's cell and the prisoner asked her what religion she was and she replied "I'm Christian, I believe in Jesus Christ" and the man said "I respect you for believing in a higher power", and she said she wasn't suppose to talk to the inmates at all but she broke the rule a few times.

She also said that the prisoners would take a box of fresh dates which they like to eat and take it apart and keep the staples so they could make weapons out of them, or stick the staples in their fingernails and swipe at a guard when the right time came. Very interesting. I just listened most of the time. She said that the police in Afghanistan are extremely corrupt.

She also served in Iraq, mostly collecting contra-band items from American and Allied soldiers beds on bases like "adult material". She also said she went to a base in Pakistan.

Very interesting discussion, I didn't ask her too much.

Thought you all would be interested.

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Title it: Inside story on torture.

I reserve the right to govern myself.

I reserve the right to govern myself.

wait a second

Did someone edit my post and put it into paragraphs? It wasn't in paragraphs before.


You didn't ask her too much?

You mean, you didn't ask her out for a date?

You got homework ;))


I was just listening and whoever said I was single =)
I'm a good listener, it made me open my eyes a bit to what its like over there.


Good story

interesting story

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