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Flu Pandemic: Don't Panic, But Don't Dismiss It Either

The chart below shows the number of deaths each week during the 1918-1919 global flu pandemic for New York, London, Paris and Berlin. Click on the chart for a clearer view. The chart comes from the Wikipedia article on the subject, which is a decent intro.

Many here are extremely skeptical of the media coverage of the current outbreak. After 40 years of being lied to by the corporate media I share that skepticism. There is no question that the outbreak - real or contrived - can be used to strengthen government tyranny and divert attention from what is really going on.

At the same time, don't allow your skepticism of the media to dismiss the threat outright. Though we tend to forget it, we humans are also part of nature, and history hath shewn that the human species gets a culling by Mother Nature from time to time.

The chart above is instructive because it shows that the outbreak can bump along for months at a relatively stable rate, then shoot up dramatically, as it did in the fall of 1918. Imagine 3-4 months of breathless daily news, the likes of what we're getting now at Panic Central. It is stressful and it can wear you down. Be sure to take care of yourself. Eat properly, rest, relax, wash your hands turn off the news and don't over worry yourself! That is a sure way to an early grave. You're going to be fine.

As the Wikipedia article states, Even in areas where mortality was low, those incapacitated by the illness were often so numerous as to bring much of everyday life to a stop. So even if you don't get the flu, and if you do, you don't die from it (odds are on your side that you won't!), there will be other complications to deal with.

There's no need to panic - there is still time to stock up on food & supplies, but don't wait forever.

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In florida (central so you know it everywere there)

They are covering up to save the tourism,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, NaturalNews) A case of swine flu was diagnosed today in at Florida Hospital and disclosed in an email authored by its chief medical officer, but the infection was immediately denied by Florida Hospital and Orange County health officials, who claimed in a press conference, "There have been no confirmed cases of swine flu by the CDC in Central Florida."

Technically, that may be true. The CDC takes time to independently confirm swine flu infections in its own labs, as it does not recognize anyone else's lab results. During this time, even though doctors treating the patient may have independently confirmed a swine flu infection on their own, hospitals and health authorities can deny the existence of any "confirmed" cases of swine flu


so your logic is flawed! (not you Mike) I hear Texas is a mess and it is spreading. This article confirms the numbers we are hearing are not correct. Wake up. We are in an event and it requires people to prepare supplies and to make a plan. Sitting on your ass and placing this in the NWO plot box is unwise. It may exactly what they want you to do. Nothing.
"A hundred cases of swine flu in the U.S.? Health officials say there are likely more. Just how many is not important, they say. As the world faces a potential pandemic, swamped labs are not testing all possible cases."

Don't Mess with Texas

Texas is not a mess. Don't believe the hype.

There is nothing you can do about it. Any attempt by policy makers to address the flu will only cause more harm. If you get it: relax, get sleep, have your asthma medicine handy if you have asthma, drink lots of water.

Flu happens. Worry more about your impending diabetes. Statistically speaking chances are you going to get that and it will shorten your life more than any swine flu.

36,000 People Do Not Die Each Year from Regular Flu (Confirmed)

Thursday, April 30, 2009 by: Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, NaturalNews Editor


(NaturalNews) Read just about any news report on swine flu deaths, and you'll come across a line that claims "36,000 people die each year from flu-related causes." It sounds authoritative. It's even a nice, round number. But where is this number coming from? And is it based on any actual science?

This statistic is being paraded around by almost everybody, as if to say that swine flu isn't so bad because regular flu kills so many people each year anyway. The truth is that the only standard by which the CDC and WHO are quoting deaths from swine flu is if they are confirmed deaths from a particular viral strain. To them, if a death has not been confirmed in their labs, it does not count as a death from that flu.

Got that? Only "confirmed" deaths count. And they must be confirmed in a laboratory using a rigorous method of comparing samples taken from the deceased with a known database of viral patterns.

As it turns out, virtually none of the 36,000 people said to die from regular flu each year have been confirmed in any lab whatsoever.

Thus, according to the guidelines of the CDC and WHO, they don't count. Based on their own rules, it is technically accurate to say that regular flu kills virtually no one. It's not true, of course, because people do die from the "regular flu" each year, but it is technically accurate according to the CDC and WHO rules for scientific evidence.
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Cannabis - U.S. Patent #6630507


From the year 1977:
In this first part of History we learn much! Another to follow:


Not all of our Congressmen are hopeless. Some are actually on our side. Congressman Ron Paul of Texas is also a doctor and is able to see both sides of the swine flu question. Most doctors have tunnel vision and see only one side — the side with the dollar mark.

Congressman Paul, in an interview with the Enquirer (Dec. 21, 76) said: "I am outraged by this program. It has been a shocking misuse of funds ... and an evil political maneuver. There are people whose careers are in question because of this program. And I predict these blatant advertising efforts to panic the people into taking swine flu shots will fail.

"I think Congress has wasted more than one hundred million dollars. The swine flu program should be brought back to Congress and discontinued at once. The program should be stopped, and those who were responsible should be held morally accountable to the American public."

Congressman Larry McDonald of Georgia, also a medical doctor, said: "I think the swine flu program is a tailor-made hoax that finds its roots in frightening the American people . . . I believe that a full investigation of those in charge should be launched . . . and if it turns out to be a dishonest promotion, everyone responsible should be removed from their jobs."

It’s heartening to find that all our Congressmen are not corrupt. But where were they, the good ones, when the vote was being taken to endorse and finance this mass poisoning program?"
Next a history of the Swine fraud in 1976 and the previous frauds of 1918, etc.

"Suspicion is a Virtue, if in the interests of the good of the people." Patrick Henry

"We are not weak if we make a proper use of those means which the God of Nature has placed in our power... the battle, sir, is not to the strong alone - it is to the

Critical Read # 2

Also from history recorded in the year 1977:

Since this is a long read I recommend you link in and get the eye opener on the history of how more of our soldiers died of vaccinations than in battle during WWI, how the 1918 "epidemic" was created by the selling off of the over stock of vaccinations to unsuspecting public, at public expense, and countries who did not participate were spared any disease, how they planned the ocal epidemics ahead of time, etc.

At bottom are critical read material links which shed light on the usefulness of scare propaganda. But consider, that in this instance upon us now, the addition of government involvement beyond the fraud of profit motive, entering the rhelm of power motive, may be the newest angle for our day! Two or three of the chapters are most pertinent to the current fake crisis. The big question is will they generate enough fear to pull off the martial law required to force inoculations.

Critical to Remember:


AVOID ALL INOCULATION - That is when the death rates jump, and the control kicks in!

The methods of sheep herding have been tested many times and perfected for years. The common denominator is that sheep always follow the line in front - no matter where it is heading! (FYI - I am also a doctor)

Chapter 1 Swine Flu--Another Medically-made Epidemic - http://www.whale.to/vaccine/sf1a.html

Chapter 2 The Spanish Influenza Epidemic of 1918 was caused by vaccinations - http://www.whale.to/vaccine/sf1.html

Chapter 3 Anti-Typhoid vaccine causes a worse disease which the doctors name paratyphoid - http://www.whale.to/vaccine/sf3.html

Chapter 4 Medically-made epidemics--court cases - http://www.whale.to/vaccine/sf4.html

Chapter 5 Falsified death certificates and medical records - http://www.whale.to/vaccine/sf5.html

Chapter 6 Let's stop the fluoride water poisoners - http://www.whale.to/vaccine/sf6.html


"Suspicion is a Virtue, if in the interests of the good of the people." Patrick Henry

Have you seen Idiocracy?

Very funny, but also can easily become our intellectual future.

+...Pray for Your Enemies and Moral Courage for Righteous Leaders, so that Justice Will Be Delivered to the Innocent...+

I agree entirely with what

I agree entirely with what you say.

My question is what happened to the people during the 1918 flu who contracted the disease in the beginning but didn't die. When it came back harder months later, were they immune to the more virulent infection?

Flu-Steria: Biden Sounds Swine Flu Alarm! 4/30/2009

Bilderberg member and Vice president Joe Biden said today he would tell his family members not to use subways in the U.S. and implied schools should be shuttered as the swine flu outbreak spread to 11 states and forced school closures amid confirmation of the first U.S. death
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Cannabis - U.S. Patent #6630507

Hey, a silver lining...if

Hey, a silver lining...if they close schools they close their brainwashing factories.

Panic is Bad for Immune System

I have a cold or something... not about to panic as I don't need to stress my immune system! Figure best thing to do is stay away from people, drink herb tea ( nice to have so many antivirals like oregano, thyme, prunella, in my yard fresh) and just chill. Need a rest anyway.

from Dr. Mercola:

from Dr. Mercola:

"This is NOT the First Swine Flu Panic

My guess is that you can expect to see a lot of panic over this issue in the near future. But the key is to remain calm -- this isn"t the first time the public has been warned about swine flu. The last time was in 1976, right before I entered medical school and I remember it very clearly. It resulted in the massive swine flu vaccine campaign.

Do you happen to recall the result of this massive campaign?

Within a few months, claims totaling $1.3 billion had been filed by victims who had suffered paralysis from the vaccine. The vaccine was also blamed for 25 deaths.

However, several hundred people developed crippling Guillain-Barré Syndrome after they were injected with the swine flu vaccine. Even healthy 20-year-olds ended up as paraplegics.

And the swine flu pandemic itself? It never materialized."

That was a great article.

That was a great article.

The abolishment of the small family farm is the goal.

Control of food world wide. Mexico is now institutionalized poison and corruption. Currently, farms in US under "investigation".
Now all commerce stopped, Mexico plunges into serfdom.


And never forget, “Humans, despite our artistic pretensions, our sophistication and many accomplishments, owe the fact of our existence to a six-inch layer of topsoil and the fact that it rains.”

whatever happens

Avoid the antivirals (tamiflu and relenza) and the vaccines. The antivirals cause hallucinations and probably long time mental and physical problems like the SSRI drugs. The vaccines killed more people in 1918 and 1976 then any virus. Avoid anyone taking these things. The sick thing is the antivirals that cause hallucinations are being pushed onto law enforcement officers.

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Start getting freedom today by dumping Federal Reserve Notes, Stocks, Banks and anything made outside the USA. Buy precious metals, real estate, businesses, food and guns and get your business community to use local or sound currency

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Start getting freedom today by dumping Federal Reserve Notes, Stocks, Banks and anything made outside the USA. Buy precious metals, real estate, businesses, food and guns and get your business community to use local or sound currenc

Source please!

The vaccines killed more people in 1918 and 1976 then any virus.

No offense, but source your information (please!).

Surely not more than the

Surely not more than the plague?

More sources:

on Dr Ott's video, watch it free:


Murder by Lethal Injection

Eustace Mullins. Read the book. Or listen to Ron Paul from 1976. Anyone can google, it was even on the front page of dailypaul for awhile. I'm not here to do everyone's research. If you don't believe me then prove me wrong.
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Start getting freedom today by dumping Federal Reserve Notes, Stocks, Banks and anything made outside the USA. Buy precious metals, real estate, businesses, food and guns and get your business community to use local or sound currenc

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Start getting freedom today by dumping Federal Reserve Notes, Stocks, Banks and anything made outside the USA. Buy precious metals, real estate, businesses, food and guns and get your business community to use local or sound currenc


Take It Away!!!
Stand With Dr. Ron Paul instead !!!
Don't try to have it both ways!!!
All due respect, Michael Nystrom, and I have nothing but respect for you and the yeomans work you do, this map casts a useless shadow, needless doubt.
It is CERTAIN that world equity markets would be telling us if this flu, or any flu, was a real threat. Governments and nwo agents are the worst sources of all.
'Pay no attention to the little fearmonger behind the curtain...the great and powerful WHO has spoken' . (World Health Org)
Instead, Dr. Paul is right. Pandemic tsunami's will be seen far in advance with the naked eye, common sense, the free market. That's where the REAL information is.
On this I will not compromise.

False Distraction?

I don't know, it sounds as if a world-wide pandemic would be a Perfect excuse to increase executive/federal power; maybe not as good as an explicit (false flag) attack, but not too shabby, either.

It would be most effective if there actually Were a pandemic though, and not just a fear-mongering rumor mill about one...
Fortunately, its impossible to actually manufacturea disease.

You Make My Point For Me

JohnForRonPaul. You are right. Look to evidence, not government hype, for real information. Don't buy, as you put it, the 'excuse to increase executive/federal power'. Don't fall prey to fear, false distractions. We agree.

great, then stay the hell away from me

when you need food and water.

Don't Be Afraid Fedor.

That mindset is used to remove civil liberties. Don't Be afraid.

dumbass, this is a virus

it makes people sick. Sick people can't work. Governments shut things down. This will happen and you will be begging food from your neighbors. It's pathetic.

Check out Dr. Otts's video

Check out Dr. Otts's video made months ago predicting this:


Also Dr Deagle on gcnlive.com


Texas panic

Ft. Worth schools closed this morning until May 11th and several other DFW schools are closed as well. My question is, what are the children going to do for an entire week, unsupervised, if the parents can't take the week off from work? Gov. Rick Perry announced on the radio that they have been practicing pandemic procedures for a long time and are ready to implement them when the time comes.

this is true

even trinity valley - a private school in the Fort - has closed until i don't know when. my wife's school is staying open for the time being. but who knows.

Like Ron Paul said "take this seriously"

This is a real virus and it will be used for all your concerns. Don't think this event is not really happening, it is. They are not just making this up. A fake pandemic would buy them about three weeks. They need years. This is real.