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Pat Buchanan: The Contest for #2 in Iowa is the One to Watch

Thanks Tom for the link:

Pat Buchanan: First Preseason Game -- Aug. 11

Buchanan says:

Analysts have downgraded its importance since McCain and Rudy dropped out. They are mistaken. The McCain-Giuliani forfeiture of the straw poll already testifies to its importance -- and to their weaknesses.

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Gulianimussalini is a fascist who even New Yorks hate (including firemen), and McPain is a sellout to the NeoCons. Neither garner my trust, respect, money, or my vote. RON PAUL has all four. Make the smart choice. Choose Liberty. Choose Paul.

Paul M. Green
Solomons, MD

Vote Freedom
Vote Liberty

If you want a Ron Paul "pick me up".....

If you want a Ron Paul "pick me up" check out the comments posted on the Pat Buchannan site. Looks like the Ron Paul folks are from all over the spectrum. It also sounds like the people that don't like Rep. Paul are kindof sour.......almost like they can't stand the thought of their puppets not being supported by grassroot people. I think some are even getting frustrated as they figure out that the media is artificially propping up some of the candidates. Let the longest Iowan Straw win!

alan laney

we are the campaign , but

ron paul should be in iowa for the remainder of the week after the debates to get his name out there or maybe the saturday before the debates make a line acoss iowa to des moines and stop at cities and towns on the way for a short speech for support i know if he started within 50 miles from me i would follow him for at least another 50 and if we all did that he'd have a huge crowd everywhere he went which could draw some attention. especially if we make alot of noise. hell, i followed mitt romney for about 50 miles last week to flash my ron paul signs.believe me they weren"t nearly as entusiastic as we are

AMEN, Blofeld

It's definitely up to the grass root efforts - all across the nation! Good things can happen! We can overwhelm the established system if everyone who understands what is at stake, puts to it.

Infiltrate the republican party!! Signs. signs and more signs!!!

We HAVE TO do what it takes, EVERYONE has to give 100% TO THE CAUSE!!! STAY MOTIVATED!!!

We must have have a strong showing in the Iowa straw vote - do whatever you can....


Buchanan was Right from the Beginning

Great column by Pat and he hits the head on the nail. Giuliani and McCain are skipping the Iowa Straw Poll because they are weak in the state and finishing anywhere but first in the Straw Poll would be a devestating loss. Giuliani with his support of the war and his liberal social issues is smart to stay away from the Straw Poll and would be smarter to skip the caucuses all together which seems very possible. McCain on the other hand is dead in the water, he might be better served at going after Iowa than New Hampshire...

As Ron Paul supporters lets forget about second or third place... Lets do everything in our power to win this thing. Pat says winning the Caucus' is worth 50 million in press coverage, well beating Mitt Romney in the Iowa Straw Poll would be worth 300,000,000 to the Ron Paul campaign.

Buchanan isn't quite right

I disagree with Patrick. That McCain and Giuliani dropped out of Iowa does not testify to its importance, nor to their weaknesses.

Politicians have to choose the battles where they are most likely to win; both McCain and Giuliani are comparative long-shots in Iowa. As well, McCain's campaign is skidding toward the precipice and he no longer has the resources to be in every state. Giuliani, to the mid-westeners, has some admiration for his 911 role, but that is a horse he has beaten to death; and, he is a New Yorker, someone who is perceived as "a little too slick" in the Heartland.

I remember the 60 Minutes piece on Iowa soldiers. They went off to war with high hopes and ideals, only to return shattered and devastated. I suspect the good people of Iowa saw that and shook their heads: the war isn't worth the sacrifice of their young men and women.

Both McCain and Giuliani are resolutely pro-war and, given the sentiments of many Iowans, McCain and Giuliani are wise to sit this dance out.

Preseason can reveal

The games our candidates play are a tell-tale sign of their intentions once elected. The temptation to place "I" ahead of "we" is a great vice for so many politicians, however, this country has before it a clear choice. The preseason straw poll in Ames, Iowa could reveal this.

We the people in Iowa have experienced the power of politics and also the censorship. One speaking the words of Constitutional Truth about our Republic and ringing like a bell of Liberty is Dr. Ron Paul.

I very much respect the

I very much respect the Mormons here, and all the Mormons I know in real life probably wouldn't do it (they're both too damned honest!) but the idea of Iowans hitching a free ride to the event with Mitt and then voting for Ron occurs to me...I know, it's dishonest, and they probably won't do it, but I can't seem to stop thinking about it...I wonder how easy it is to fake supporting a certain candidate and then once you're there vote for another one?

I know very little about this process, but I really agree with those who say that Dr. Paul needs to win FIRST place to force them not to ignore us. Hopefully our beautiful & talented young people will mob the music event and make the difference for us.

When pollsters call..

When pollsters call, I ask them how they can be a credible poll when they don't include the name of someone who has 100 4x8 signs spread out all over NH, wins straws polls here, gets 4 times as many people at debate rallies, and on wins the internet polls after each debate, and has third most cash on hand for campaign funds?

Jane Aitken, 35-Year Veteran Teacher
Ron Paul 2008 Consultant
GOP Woman of the Year 2009
Founder NH Tea Party Coalition (NOT AFFILIATED WITH ANY FAKE 2009 GROUP)
Founder USPEINetwork @ Yahoo (Nat'l Edu Activism Group)
Board Coalition of NH Taxpayers

Time to Dream Big

Time to Dream Big and go for #1!

What grass roots supporters need to understand is that Dr. Paul is counting on us to help him win the straw poll. There are some supporters who want Dr. Paul and his campaign to do all the work. Listen, WE are the campaign! It's up to us. We have to get it together.