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Flu Skeptic Ron Paul: The sky isn't falling!

Found this on the ABCNews website. There's a nice video that goes with the story of an interview with Ron Paul doing what he does best- making sense.



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exactly hawkiye!!!

thats what I took from it as well....

And he used the phrase "Unintended Consequences", which is also one of my all time favorite books!!!!!

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95 % positive comments

95 % positive comments over there, I'd say!

(((virtual hug))) to Dr. Paul ;-)

you always make us feel SO proud ...

Just saw my doctor

He was at the hospital health club on his lunch break from the office on one of the two elliptical Precor 100i machines next to me. He told me he has gotten a lot of calls about the swine flu virus, and he rolled his eyes that they aren't even worried about the regular influenza that kills 36,000 yearly.

For any of you that seen my post where I said, I had a lot of vaccinations in the Marines, and one entry on my shot card record was, "Gold." I asked my doctor today, what was that ? He said it was probably a heavy metal shot, to prevent parasites.

I can supply

A heavy metal shot which will prevent parasites, but its not an "outpatient" procedure.

It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society.


woo hoo!

Truth is stranger than fiction

They used a gun (air)

And I don't think you need

And I don't think you need to be a doctor to give that shot... lmao!

Formerly rprevolutionist

You are right

A corpsman (medic)

This just cannot be. It's

This just cannot be. It's too logical.

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Scientists also agree with Dr. Paul

Scientists see this flu strain as relatively mild
Genetic data indicate this outbreak won't be as deadly as that of 1918, or even the average winter.

By Karen Kaplan and Alan Zarembo
April 30, 2009

As the World Health Organization raised its infectious disease alert level Wednesday and health officials confirmed the first death linked to swine flu inside U.S. borders, scientists studying the virus are coming to the consensus that this hybrid strain of influenza -- at least in its current form -- isn't shaping up to be as fatal as the strains that caused some previous pandemics.

In fact, the current outbreak of the H1N1 virus, which emerged in San Diego and southern Mexico late last month, may not even do as much damage as the run-of-the-mill flu outbreaks that occur each winter without much fanfare.



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Yes, and here is a link from the Health Ranger that shows 2

very inexpensive homeopathic remedies used during the 1918 flu epidemic that really worked:

"By the way, did you know that homeopathic remedies were successfully used to treat the 1918 influenza outbreak? Here's our report on that:"

You can get these in your local health food store, or order them at this great homeopathic website: www.abchomeopathy.com


In case it is engineered, I

In case it is engineered, I copied this from that article:

Though scientists have begun to relax about the initial toll, they're considerably less comfortable when taking into account the fall flu season. They remain haunted by the experience of 1918, when the relatively mild first wave of flu was followed several months later by a more aggressive wave.

Sound advice from the Good Dr.

I thought it was an unusual time for a "flu" outbreak since they're usually in the winter when there is less sun & more damp, cooler temps - prime breeding conditions for viruses.

However, It Is the beginning of allergy season. They probably see it that when people start to sneeze & have headaches, runny noses, & coughs due to high pollen winds, floral & grass dust, they'll freak out because they'll think they have the flu. More asthma & hay-fever too. Allergy attacks cause migraines in some folks to which can kick someones azz.

Hopefully most know the differences and not flip out.

Obama = O.ne B.ig A.ss M.istake A.merica

Obama = O.ne B.ig A.ss M.istake A.merica

The Great Swine Flu Hoax of 2009...

...turned out to be allergies from pollen and hay fever!!!

I love Ron Paul

Yes, I love Ron Paul.
The voice of reason.
The only trustworthy.

God, how we need him!

Dr NO strikes back

and now lot more people will be aware of his NOs than before. Great job Mr president!

That was great!

Nice interview, and perfect sense from Dr. Paul, as usual. :)

"The unintended consequences..

of government actions are overwhelmingly bad"

Well, with CFR scum like Deval Patrick looking for an excuse to trample personal liberties and prevent the 'his' constituents from peaceably assembling, I can't say that the consequences are all that unintentional.

God help the commonwealth of Massachusetts.

Long live the Oathkeepers!

I think Ron Paul's response was great...

Anyways, I agree this situation seems to be overblown so far, but I've always been more concerned about the vaccine than the flu.

This whole issue has been very strange so far... On one level, the government and establishment seems to want to keep the population in a constant state of fear, just like they have with color coded threat levels for terrorism and the six stages for flu pandemics. It is very much about getting compliance and controlling the population. This gives government more money, power, and control.

On another level, corporations and government officials who have investments in them (ie. Rumsfeld/Tamiflu/vaccine-makers) would make huge profits on treatments and useless vaccines if made mandatory and this seems to be part of the agenda as well.

However, there needs to be mass casualties for this to occur because many people will not be concerned otherwise. It's hard to determine what the real number of casualties in Mexico is because I don't trust any government or media. If there really were many people who died, one theory that would make sense to me is that this avian/swine/human strain is a bioweapon that was spread through regular flu vaccines. I don't trust in all the reports around the world about the confirmations of these particular strains. All the governments and the global elite (CFR, Bilderberger Group, Trillateral Commissioin, Royal Institute of International Affairs, Round Table Group etc.. ) need global issues to bring about global control. This pandemic fear and climate change are two issues they will continue to propagate to try to gain control and get a New World Order and global government.

I'm on alert, but the biggest concern of mine has always been that the pandemic would be spread THROUGH vaccines. I doubt at this point they can get enough people to be afraid enough to take vaccines at this point in the US because of the limited number of deaths so far, but unfortunately people may volunteer for vaccines months down the road when they miraculously discover an 'effective' vaccine. In one scenario, some hundreds of people will die, be disabled and tens/hundreds of thousands of peoples bodies will be compromised as they take 'mandatory' useless vaccines that will make companies a lot of money. In another scenario they will put in the vaccine the exact live deadly virus (bioweapon) the vaccine is supposed to protect against and millions will die.

Either way, I will NEVER take a VACCINE in my life again.

9-11 Media Fakery: Did anyone die on 9-11?


9-11 Actors:

Pysops.. media.. actors.. propagandists... disinfo agents.. fake videos.. fake photos


The TERRORISTS need mass casualties, but they won't get them until enough people are sufficiently TERRIFIED to take the vaccines.
Is it wrong to wish swine flu upon the TERRORISTS who would force you to take the vaccination?
Common sense says NO.
By their own evil they will be undone.

The man always speak in a

The man always speak in a sensible logic.

One of the few that do these

One of the few that do these days!

Ventura 2012

Or perhaps that the whole

Or perhaps that the whole virus theory to begin with is a bunch of nonsense. But that is such a tough question for most to deal with because our whole life we have been brain washed to believe that some invisible bug is coming after us all the time, and never stopped to think that maybe what we eat, drink and otherwise do to ourself makes us sick, and not some inert piece of a protein doesn't do jack sh&t.


He was not asked of the possibility that this virus was concocted in a lab and is designed to mutate and kill with increasing efficiency.

His practical assessment is correct, given a seasonal flu.

Dr. Paul is just not bold enough to state that 9/11 was a government op; naming the guilty parties. Likewise, he won't state that this thing is the brainchild of the exterminators. So, let's see what he says about taking the vaccine. He'll have get off the fence at that point.


"Dr. Paul is just not bold enough to state that 9/11 was a government op" you said.

It's not that he's not bold, it's that that's not his position. He doesn't believe that. If you believed it he would say it. He's not afraid of anything and won't hesitate even to risk his political career to say what he believes. He just does not believe 9/11 was an inside job. He's made that clear many times.

Then you say "he won't state that this thing is the brainchild of the exterminators." How do you know that that's his belief? Do you just make up beliefs for him and then tell yourself that he agrees with you but just won't say it? That's true craziness!

"Bankers are putting poison in our food and water." - Psychotic dirtbag conspiracy theorist fake-libertarian, exploiter of Dr. Paul, Alex Jones

The way Perry jumped to

The way Perry jumped to seize the moment makes me wonder if he knew something ahead of time. Hopefully it's just his flakey personality.

I love this guy

He's like a wise grandad.


My liberty-minded home base of thought:



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It's simply amazing how

It's simply amazing how many people fall for this. That someone can be somewhat educated and not trust most information, but on the other hand get so easily scared of other frauds, like this swine flu.

One thing he said that makes me wonder

He said let your kids get out in the sun. Has anyone noticed the rise in skin cancer since they started hyping the whole spf this spf that thing to sell sun block and the cancer rate for skin has gone through the roof ?

I never wear that crap. You can't believe anything anymore .