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Census - You WILL answer their questions

Don't think you have to answer the Census questions?

HA! The penalties are heavy!


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I Responded "No U.S. Citizen Resides Here" When They Sent "it"

by my house to inquire about me. That was the first and last time "it" came by to bother me.

The U.S. census is a commercial "offer" from a private corporation.
It is voluntary.

You can refuse it for cause without dishonor just like any other commercial offer. I mailed the census form back within three business days marked "refused for cause without dishonor".

No problem.

The Oracle

I didn't answer mine. My guy

I didn't answer mine. My guy got the hint real fast and said "I'm former military and know what's going on too" We had a nice chat and he left and never heard from him again.

"It is difficult to free fools from the chains they revere".

It's hard not to be a menace to society when half the population is happy on their knees. - unknown

Census taking

There is no question but that Census-gathering processes should be changed. The process is intrusive, confrontational, and suspect to most who are selected.

A better way to gather this information and create more positive incentives is to include it as a tax-lowering option to the income tax form.

Tax-payers who elect to fill out the form could receive a tax deduction or other incentive which would greatly inspire more cooperation (and likely accuracy) from citizens nationwide.

I didn't answer mine

And no one is coming after me. I only put down how many people lived there with an explanation of why I did not fill out the rest. While I was in Ecuador a nice lady (my son told me) came to visit but he said we weren't there and we had already filled out the form. She never came back and I have received no threatening phone calls. They have better things to do than harass this old lady.


The lip of truth shall be established forever: but a lying tongue is but for a moment...Lying lips are abomination to the LORD: but they that deal truly are His delight. Prov 12:19,22

No requirement under Title 13 to answer the 2010 Census

If you study the principles of statutory construction then read Title 13 (Census) you will discover (a) The "census" in Title 13 is not the same as the one mentioned in the Constitution and (b) Title 13 doesn't require anyone to answer this census.

Remember Bill Clinton, who we know was brilliant regardless of what you think of his politics, when he said, "it depends on what the defintition of is is." Well, he wasn't kidding! He inadveitently gave away one of their biggest insider secrets - In law, whomever controls the definitions wins.

Read my blog about statutory construction and Title 13 here:

In Old English Common Law, Libera Lex referred to the Law of Freemen. The Founders used Latin names to hide their identity. Alexander Hamilton, John Jay & James Madison used Publius on the Federalist Papers. In that spirit I created Libera Lex.

when the census

taker came on to my property i asked if he had a warrant. he replied no. i then said to him "please get the hell off my property' AND HE DID !

Round 2

Well, the 2nd level of census worker just left my house. He was loaded with credentials around his neck unlike the first lady who was plainly dressed and had visited multiple times only to find me either not home or at home working at which time I could not be disturbed. I think she was here 8 times each time leaving a little note. Anyway, now being almost a month later, he shows up, introduced himself and asked the questions in that first block to which I told him how many people lived here on 4/1. He turned the page in the form and I told him I was not answering any more questions. He proceeded to ask my name and I said I told you I was not answering any more questions, per the Constitution you are only allowed to know how many people live here. He got a little nervous (evidently he did not notice the Libertarian related sign by my front door!) and went to each of the separate sections asking name (not answering), names of other people and their relations (not answering) and phone number (not answering.) He finally said thank you and left. I watched him to make sure he was leaving the property. He got in the passenger side of a Neon which turned around but then stopped. They sat across the street for a couple of minutes before they slowly pulled away. Has anyone had a level 3 visit yet?

The Follow up very few people know about,reposted

We just recently received the "follow up" Census form "The American Community Survey". Sent by the Census Bureau. It is laid out, according to a graphic designer, in a very intimidating style.

It contains the most intrusive questions ever. In-depth questions on race,(if you are hispanic, what country of origin?) age, income,(which the U.S. Government already has record of, compliments of the IRS) It even asks if there is anyone living in the house who has given birth and how many babies they've had. Wouldn't they already have this info?

Anyway, my husband and I are appalled. We are law abiding citizens. I can not believe the invasion of privacy of this form! We do not want to answer it. Isn't this unconstitutional?


Here is a related blog: http://www.notoacs.blogspot.com/

Here is the government site about it:

You are giving private information to an enemy agent

A census worker is paid from the time they leave their driveway in the morning until the time they pull back into it at the end of the day. They are pouring a tremendous amount of funds into this project to gather data for Operation Endgame. They have new standing orders to return to a house six times. If the results are futile they are commanded to gather information about you from your neighbors with the same six visit minimum.
A very polite and sweet census worker of Japanese descent visited a friend of mine and said the job is becoming more stressful and draconian. My friend asked her if she realized that she was aiding and abetting a foreign principle. She didn't understand the question. So she re-phrased it: "How do you think the FBI was able to quickly and effortlessly round up Americans of Japanese descent and herd them into concentration camps in 1942?"

FDR, who gave the order, was a socialist. Hitler was a socialist. The Kenyan is a socialist.

I filled out

the form that came in the mail, and nobody has come to my house.
All I wrote was the number of people at the residence, and in the "race" question, I checked "other", and wrote in "human".
I left all the other questions blank.

Then I sent it in.
Nobody has bothered me.

my Katz companion

insisted on filling out the form....she acknowledged that she is mixed between "human and other"

perhaps she has been chatting with you (or considers your take right-on)!!!!

cee cee

you lose ...

Law isn't a joke or cute. Everything, let me say that again, everything you DO in a legal context has legal effect. By returning that form you have acknowledged their jurisdiction (power/authority) over you - voluntarily! That is one of the most important reasons they do stuff like this - to get you to voluntarily give them authority, in your own heart if nothing else. It's about your power, not your data!

If a total stranger comes up to you on the street asking personal questions, do you tell them you are human? NOT! You probably just tell them to get away or you walk away yourself and say nothing because you don't want to engage with them.

You are not required under Title 13 to respond at all to these questions or forms for a variety of reasons. The 2010 Census isn't even the "Census" contemplated in the Constitution - it is entirely different. It might as well have been written by Dr. Seuss. So why would you respond to it? But if you do, you are voluntarily surrendering to their power. Of course, you probably, like most poeple, have already done that a zillion times already (Internal Revenue, Social Security, etc.), so it doesn't really matter all that much - unless you choose to take your power back by learning a little about how law really works, and how "they" used/abused it to con America to give up our God-given natural rights for the "civil" rights they can grant you or not under statute as they see fit.

Study the basic principles of statutory construction so you can read these laws for yourself and figure out what is going on...otherwise just give everything you hold dear to charity before they take it all anyway because under socialism you own nothing. You and everything you own are property of the state.

I'll be starting a series of posts on my new blog, www.LiberaLex.com, on the basic principles of statutory construction in the next couple of weeks. Meanwhile the first two posts I have there now on Title 13 and Title 26 go into some of it, too.

In Old English Common Law, Libera Lex referred to the Law of Freemen. The Founders used Latin names to hide their identity. Alexander Hamilton, John Jay & James Madison used Publius on the Federalist Papers. In that spirit I created Libera Lex.

O.K.,now you are


If I disappear from a discussion please forgive me. My 24-7 business requires me to split mid-sentence to serve them. I am not ducking out, I will be back later to catch up.


here BigT

Head count.

period. End of story.


Head count.

period. End of story.



I filled out the form, only answering the first question, how many people live here. There has been a couple census workers walking the neighborhood recently. I have been asking them if my house is on their list and they told me "no". The purpose of the census is for a head count only. That is the only answer you have to respond to.

"It ain't what ya don't know that hurts ya. What really puts a hurtin' on ya, is what ya knows for sure, that just ain't so."

Now it's my turn:

I just came in from talking with my census visitor.
She had came here once before and I was expecting her again.
Very nice woman who I later learned was at one time a teacher, and a home schooler. I first handed her a public servant questionnaire, and then a copy of the law pertaining to the census enumeration. She was a little surprised and didn't know what I was doing until I explained. I told her that all she would receive was the number of people living here and she said that was all she needed. I then went on to talk with her about history. She spent a nice 45 minutes listening to me go on about everything from the civil war up to today in a condensed version. She took many notes on the books I asked her to look in to, along with websites I proffered.
All in all, I believe it was a wonderful experience for her. I have in the past not been too pleasant to the census people that have come by, but I can only remind myself and others that the whole reason for this movement was started by a rather special man that wanted to, and wants us to, get a message out to take back our country and make it what it is suppose to be. So, instead of sending them away in fear and intimidation, I turned it around to a very positive experience that will be shared.
In fact, my last words to her were to study, and share.

I love my country
I am appalled by my government

Yeah I didn't go out of my way to give them a hard time.

I greeted the census worker with a smile and offered them their choice of bottled water, soda or a beer. He took a bottled water.

I complied by stating my name and the fact that I live here alone with my dog. And I explained a bit about how we know the census is constitutionally mandated and briefly discussed Madison's original census and I talked a bit about ennumerated powers.

But then the guy was like "so should I put you down as white?" and that got right up my nose and I said "here's the point in the storey where I say seeyalaterbye".

And he said "fair enough". And that made me mad because fair enough is I grab you by the shirt and pummel you repeatedly about the face and neck with a blunt instrument for having troubled my privacy and ignored the "DO NOT DISTURB" and "NO TRESPASSING" signs I have prominently displayed.

That, sir, is what I call "fair enough".

But I didn't. I told him to have a nice day. And I ain't all that disturbed. And it's over with now, I complied with the census.

It was one of those "it's gonna hurt me worse than you" moments. If'n I took and beat the truck out of the poor slob who's only trying to make ends meet with a temporary job. So I tried to be congenial.


Thanks for sharing that info. I have told the census people how many and even given the names of all who live in my home , but they were back again today. I found a public servant questionnaire online which i will give to them when they come back tomorrow. But i was wondering if you can provide a link to help me find a copy of the law pertaining to the census enumeration. If you could i would really be thankful for that. you can maybe post it here or even e-mail to me at LisaZamcho@hotmail.com

thanks again

I will try:

I actually emailed it to myself and am currently in the process of restoring my computer to try and retrieve everything I lost this afternoon. As soon as that task is accomplished, I will post it right here.

I love my country
I am appalled by my government

Nicely done!

Nicely done!


Wow, Tramp!

Inspiring way to handle it.
"I can only remind myself and others that the whole reason for this movement was started by a rather special man that wanted to, and wants us to, get a message out to take back our country and make it what it is suppose to be."


Last week I have a knock on my door. Check the driveway to see if I recognize the car and I don't. So I say who's there? Answer is census worker. I ask what she wants. She says you need to answer some questions. She asks how many people lived her on 4-1. I answer, then she starts on what sex, race, hispanic etc. To all the questions after #1 I say.. " no answer" She say I have some info here for you, open the door so I can give it to you. I reply that she can leave it at the door. Then she says someone else will be in contact with me. I asked if that was a threat. She says I have to answer the questions and I tell her per the constitution, I do not. So I guess I am waiting for the next round.

Formerly rprevolutionist

Look guys and girls..

You have to believe in yourself, or real change is just a pipe dream. You can't crawl under a rock and pretend that the outside world doesn't affect you, or that you don't affect the world itself. Be pro-active.

I have not paid a single cent of state or federal taxes since my brother died (much more on this later). That means, aside from my own internal faults, I am free of the federal and state governments bull shit. NO !@#!@# F-WAD can call me a murder for the states killings. NO ONE.

Can you ?

Back to the topic: I heat the house with elm and surveys.



I'm such a 'thread kill'

Hey, Sometimes

We need a release.

This is a great place for just that.

If they come to your door

Just handle it like this.

Exercise Your Rights. If You Don't Use Them, You Will Lose Them.
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Thank you for making me laugh, and sharing that clip, it was funny.

My turn...

I just wrote the number of people at my residence. That was it. Then I mailed it back. I got a note at the door that a worker would return...

Later I got a phone call to confirm my info. I said that all I was legally required to give, as I understood it was the number of people at my residence, which I gave.

The worker said on the phone that was enough, and that nobody would come by or contact me. And they haven't.

At least so far...