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If at first you don't secede, try, try again

At a rally in Texas last month, Gov. Rick Perry motivated an audience to chant “secede” after landing a few solid rhetorical hits against Washington, D.C. Another notable Texan, Chuck Norris, said he’d be willing to run for president of the Lone Star State if it were to secede. Even Texas congressman and even former presidential candidate Ron Paul went so far as to say secession is not un-American.

So maybe it was Texas that gave Georgia the idea.

More recently, the issue rose during the 2008 presidential election over Gov. Sarah Palin’s husband’s links with Alaskan secessionists.

How much of a taboo is talking about past failed secession attempts? Consider Confederate Memorial Day activities and celebrations, which take place in many Southern cities. In Auburn, Ala., this year, a city councilman removed the Confederate States of America flags from rebel soldiers’ graves.

“Many people have ancestors who fought in the Civil War,” explains (Chuck) Rand. “This is a deep wound for them. They have a lot of emotional sentiment.” SP

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Those who hate

the Confederate Flag are confessing hatred toward those the flag represents. The flag represents those who fought under it and their descendents. If we adopted a new flag, they'd hate that one too.
To secede (withdraw) from those who despise us is a good thing, and long overdue.

Flags are useless and

Flags are useless and irrelevant. If Texas were to secede (Which I hope they do) I could care less what kind of design they put on their flag. I personally don't even like the idea of a flag... It's extremely archaic and overly misrepresented. People should own and read a constitution instead of hanging up a piece of fabric with a design and colors.

Symbols are not irrelevant.

An attack on a symbol is an attack on the people it represents. I tell you what, attack the Star of David and see if people thinks it's irrelevant.

Thanks northstar

I put that one in my fav's!! :o)