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What's up with all these "cash for gold" ads on tv?

They have me a little curious as to the motive behind them.

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If it's for the good and

If it's for the good and betterment of all, why not go for it. . We just have to be positive at times for peace and harmony to reign among us.
cash for gold

Proof that gold bull market isn't over

These ads confirm that the gold bull market is still in full-swing, and we haven't even seen the good stuff yet.

Once the masses are buying bullion, instead of selling it, and the price has gone parabolic for a year or so, then you know the end is near.


gold will be the only way to eat

when this charade of an economy crashes. I wouldn't part with even a scrap, in fact buy other people's. may be the difference between survival and death.

I guess it's one way of

I guess it's one way of marketing strategy.
cash 4 gold

I have seen it on TV too and

I have seen it on TV too and I don't know if this website (Cash 4 Gold) I saw was the same as the ads on TV? My neighbor introduced me to this website 2 days ago. And I can't figure out if the ads on TV was the same as this website.

But as for me, trusting the buyer, it is wise to definitely check the Better Business Bureau before responding, but I know most on here are buying gold and not selling it.

Federal Reserve Operation

It's just the Fed and Govt working together to strip the people of their real wealth.

Print up some worthless paper and con people into trading their wealth for it.

Nothing New

1. It's cheap to advertise on TV, now
2. It's more cost-effective, because there are more people than ever willing to part with jewelry. It isn't just gambling addicts, anymore, so, again, that makes TV a cheap place to advertise and reach the audience.

They are simply responding to the market.

As for trusting the buyer, I would definitely check the Better Business Bureau and other places before responding, but I know most on here are buying gold, not selling it.


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Federal Reserve Notes for Gold

What is happening is that a there are people who see the inevitable end of the dollar. Our politicians and the Federal Reserve are working to destroy the dollar by massive inflation. Where do you think all the "money" for the bail outs is coming from? It is being printed.

So, these folks are offering nice new federal reserve notes for your dirty, old, unwanted gold. What a deal!!

A 'cheap' venue to scam people into handing over 'real'

commodity for worthless paper! There are soooooo many out there who have no clue like so many of us here on DP! They would easily give their 'real' commodity over because they believed they needed the 'cash'.

The most amazing thing will be if these scammers do get fined and their gold is confiscated, it will be because they are caught 'competing' with the banksters, not because it is 'unfair'.

The image in my mind of those, already strapped', ancestors of ours, standing in the line ups at the banks in 1933 to 'hand over' their gold to organized gangsters, is nothing short of phenomenal.

The question is, would we do it again?

"The courage of one man is a majority" - Andrew Jackson


A scam.

Exchange my gold

for worthless, backed by nothing, FRN's... NOT!!!!

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Great question

I thought about it too and wondered why they're sooooooo eager to buy peoples gold. They make it sound like there's something wrong with owning gold LOL I don't have a TV, but I hear a lot of those ads on the radio.

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your gold, all of it, every little bit you have.


Put "Cash4Gold scam" into your favorite search engine.

Pretty much 20 cents on the dollar if you go along with their game.

Socialists are Everywhere

they are a HUGE scam. I read

they are a HUGE scam. I read an article of a past employee who worked for the company Ed MacMahon was endorsing during the super bowl. I would never sell my gold through the mail.

They want all the gold before the price goes through the roof


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Are you serious?

Haven't you been watching?

I may not know the truth, but I know when I'm being lied to...

I may not know the truth, but I know when I'm being lied to...