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Forget mind control -here's 'wish control' coming up

Why force someone to do something when you can force them to want to do it?

This is still far off but another reminder that if you don't take this chance to subvert the prison planet, when it does come there won't be any way out.


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"I compared the modern fiat monetary system with ... alchemy"

Tracy was an interesting C2C guest last night.
Check out her site ... it appears she is one of us

Will Obama use “The Secret” to fix the economy?
By Tracy R Twyman

So Barack Obama has apparently been reading a book called Animal Spirits by Robert Shiller, about how human psychology affects economics. And according to this propaganda piece from the Financial Times, this book has inspired Obama to approach the economic issues wholly psychologically. Just as The Secret teaches that you can create personal wealth and success just by thinking positively, Obama is going to try to do the same thing on a macroeconomic scale.

Of course, as I wrote in my book Solomon’s Treasure, the value of money, and thus the health of an economy, does indeed rest solely on people’s belief in it. This is true even more so now that our money is pure fiat currency, with no precious metal backing it, and no direct relationship to the value of gold. I compared the modern fiat monetary system with the process of alchemy. Turning lead into gold is like turning paper into money, and the Universal Agent or Philosopher’s Stone that makes that transformation possible is human belief. It works both in the economy as a whole, and in one’s personal finances as well, as The Secret purports ...


What a find, wiz! Those in their precarious

positions of power, like the Rockefellers et al, are those who most certainly have used these very 'secrets'. In the mid to late 19th century, there was a deep interest in all things 'occult' (which means simply, hidden). The bankers at first were interested in Nicola Tesla and his discoveries and findings. But when they saw he had tapped into 'free energy' and heard him say he wanted this for everyone in the world to benefit, oops can't have that, no way. We can't 'meter it'.

So they destroyed his inventions, bankrupted him economically, blocked him scientifically, and they confiscated all his patents and his papers at his death.

Human beings have 'free will'. Some say we are here to 'master' our free wills.

While some go off and attempt to use their wills for the benefit of all, there will always be those who desire 'monopoly' over others.

Just study here what Freud and his nephew, Edward Bernays, have done with 'this secret'.


Their beneficiaries were, the controlling private bankers, and their puppets, Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini, and all presidential/military leaders after they took out Kennedy. They are all using this 'secret'.

It is like a dam. Only they are harnessing the benefits for their own selfish ends. It was meant to be harnessed safely for the benefit of all for our 'life, liberty and our pursuit of happiness'!!!!!!

This is how they interfered with God's Universal Laws.

The difference is they are 'separated' or 'compartmentalized' from Oneness.

This was done on purpose. I contend this is why they must keep 'sacrificing' others to keep up their insane controls. It is coming undone for them. They have messed with these Universal laws in such egregious ways they will most certainly 'reap what they have sown' each and every one of them.

Does this mean we will suffer too even though we didn't intend this? Well, we each bear some responsibility for keeping this 'fraud' going, so ya, we will suffer too, but not like those who are behind this scheme.

Those of us who are 'awake' now too this, can certainly shift our 'Karma' in a better way by bringing truth to all those who are still asleep. As long as we do not impose our 'truth' on others. We must use intelligence and reason to convince others of what has and is taking place.

The Buddhists would say, have compassion towards them because they are annihilating their souls unless they 'wilfully' change their ways. I agree, and I would do whatever I could to convince them that what they are doing is so against their very own nature, because that is what 'darkness is'.

"The courage of one man is a majority" - Andrew Jackson

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thank you

for your enlightening and thoughtful commentary, anisha!

That is a good link you provided with great informations on how our "good government" has been busy brainwashing the masses for quite some time. Excellent for passing on in an email. this sort of thing being more palatable for some ...

i.e. I have had to back off on my RP passion. My liberal friends are such statists that they still don't get Ron Paul and realize how much of an impact he is having on continuously framing the debate ... because I can no longer discuss it with them.

Hey, you aren't following "The Secret" if you bring up anything realistic, donchaknow. I've kept such things as the Schiff/Celente info to myself and only share with truthseekers who come to me, but ... I continuously plant a seed with passing strangers.

I am in the same boat as you! Those I have been associated

with in the last over 10 years are just so complacent about their 'saviour' Obama. He's good enough for them. They can't be bothered to discuss politics for more than just a minute. Their attention spans wane so easily when I ask them blunt questions like,

"So, isn't our individual and national Sovereignty being destroyed daily?" I got, "Well, you're the one who is a Republican and it was Bush/Cheney who destroyed our country!" I quickly answered, "You are not understanding what I stand for. I support Dr. Paul. Yes, he is on the Republican ticket and will remain there as a reminder to those in that party who have abandoned their principles. He is a strict Constitutionalist, the only representative right now in the House who is there for our Sovereignty!"
"Well, I gotta go now. My daughter will be home soon. Nice talking to you, Bye."

I have partied with such people for over 10 years. Their children and mine went to the same Waldorf School together. There is only one of the teachers at the school who attends the New Years' party every year, who is a passionate Ron Paul supporter. He and I were the only two people it seemed in the entire school community who 'get it'. We mingled during the party talking to others about the importance of our Constitutional limitations on government and our sovereignty. Fall on deaf ears mostly and some just 'humor us'. Its painful, but worth it!

"The courage of one man is a majority" - Andrew Jackson

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Being a former lib, I try to appeal to that

Anisha, I did manage to calm down an Obama provocateur at a tea party with this reasoning:

Have you told them that you are pro peace and in the Republican party ONLY because it is the vehicle that Ron Paul uses to get out his message? That he has been the voice in the wilderness railing against these endless wars and spending for decades, incurring the ridicule and wrath of his own party? That you totally agree with them re Bush, being the worst president ever, but that Obama, after running on an anti-war platform, is pushing the same foreign policy with our transfer of troops out of Iraq and into the folly which is Afghanistan ... still, after all these years, left unconquered by invading nations.

And then following the same overspending policies with Bush and his last minute TARP bailout, the madness continued with the new administration's Stimulus bill, where in one fell sweep the big O has spent more than any human being ever has on the planet?

The agent of change is more of the same.

The sad truth is that the people you talk to do not care about sovereignty or the Constitution. This is waaaay down on the list of priorities for them. As I have pointed out, liberals used to care about ending war and promoting civil liberties. (uppermost in importance for classic liberalism ... libertarianism) Now all they care about is entitlements and health insurance. And when you are talking about the monetary policy and the fed, it is beyond the reality of most.

In the passing of HR1207 and the Senate version of it lies our hope.

I just found out today there was a party last weekend.

And I was not invited! Ok I admit it. I am sad about that. But then again, would I just want to sit there and talk about some episode of 'Sex and the City'? No! I would be bored outta my frickin mind! I want to throttle them for their stupidity. Just can't hide who and what I am. But alas, they made a 'good' choice. All for the best. No annoying 'gnats' at their party!

"The courage of one man is a majority" - Andrew Jackson

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maybe we all need to make NEW friends; awake and alive friends ;-)

I know that it's hard to bite your tongue ...
Darn near impossible for me, although I need to try more! I always think of this song. I am not suggesting pity ... but acknowledging how hard it is to hide your love for Dr. Paul. As for myself, perhaps I can start conveying the excitement for what we have, instead of just pointing out the vacuousness of what they have.

Everywhere people stare
Each and every day
I can see them laugh at me
And I hear them say

Hey you've got to hide your love away
Hey you've got to hide your love away

How can I even try
I can never win
Hearing them, seeing them
In the state I'm in

How could she say to me
Love will find a way
Gather round all you clowns
Let me hear you say

Hey you've got to hide your love away
Hey you've got to hide your love away


Well, my life includes numerous new friends now in the

'movement' these past two years. Its just amazing how intense this 'division' is. Its the 'political correctness'. It was not long ago when I myself was under its spell so I can recognize it for what it is.

I most certainly am prepared to always remain civil and open to 'educate' if I am asked. I seem to have an abundance of patience for people I know regarding what I consider 'important'.

But I cannot and will not compromise for mere friendship. So a line has been drawn. Time and events in their own lives will tell. My door will always be open to those who want to know and understand even if they bad-mouthed me.

I know myself how powerful this 'mind control' is. So when one of them actually 'wakes up' and is freaked by what they notice, like Neo in the film, 'Matrix', oh, I'll be there. With open arms.

"The courage of one man is a majority" - Andrew Jackson

Boy I can relate 100% with

Boy I can relate 100% with both of you. You describe my life so well. Too bad we're all so spread out.

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yes, I hear you!

thanks, for the validation, krmaya.

This research is just a way for those who desire 'full' control

over us to attempt to 'reverse engineer' these very intricate attributes about us humans for their droids. Messing with our 'wills'. They just can't seem to 'control' our 'consciousness'. No sooner are they attempting one thing on us, we figure it out and bam, our consciousness expands that much further.

I am sad to have to conclude these folks are nothing but a sick bunch of psycho/sociopathic 'anti-humans'.

Who knows. It may be 'because' they are messing so much with us, that we are expanding exponentially! Such is the nature of our Universe.

Anyone who studies Homeopathy will tell you, people may heal themselves of their symptoms simply by taking in a 'vibration' of that which resonates with the 'symptom' itself, thereby neutralizing it!

Like the absolute truths of our Declaration of Independance, the founder, Samuel Hahnemann, discovered this same truth in homeopathy! That not only are we are 'endowed' by certain unalienable rights, but also 'imbued' with a certain 'something' that animates our bag of bones! What is this?

These controllers are at war with God and the Universe itself. One could call them 'Universal Outlaws'. They have a 'right' to do what they are doing too, because of 'free will'. The difference is in their intentions! So far gone is their rage and separteness from 'the One'.

Frankenstein technologies! What garbage.

"The courage of one man is a majority" - Andrew Jackson

I understand.

what you're saying... amazingly enough.

Find out if you have a local militia - http://www.uaff.us/

Real Patriots for 9/11 truth -- http://patriotsquestion911.com/

Why 'amazingly enough', oruval?

"The courage of one man is a majority" - Andrew Jackson