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Where are you from?

Within this country we would answer this with the city,state or just the state,but internationally...
The answer would most likely be the U.S. or a equal variant.It puts a broad definition that everyone that's a citizen of the U.S. is the same.Although we have equal privileges and immunities as other citizens in every state,there are differences between a New Yorker & a Californian.

If someone from Denmark were to visit the states and were asked "where are you from"?,the answer would be Denmark not the EU(European Union).I'm sure the answer of any of the 26 other member states of the EU would answer the same.

Today our states that we define ourselves as are for internal distinction from one another.The states are stripped of representation at the federal level,are subjects of the leviathan that is the U.S. government,blackmailed into adhering,or are working in sync to the detriment of it's citizens.

Further centralization is this governments goal from the beginning.
A more perfect union to better deal with the "powers" stated in the constitution,everything else to the people or states.

Perhaps the licentious nature of the people from the beginning that gravitated towards power will eventually break down the borders and names that we define one another.To transform the united States of america into america.That's absurd right?Just as if the possibility of a internal war between the states during the adoption of the constitution.
Then I guess the answer to "where are you from"? would be america,no variant.
One nation
Welcome to the constitutional monarchy