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Need Help from DPers

Hello, I have been busy the last few days trying to get back to work and earn an income on the side. I can't help anyone if I can't help myself. I have decided on a mlm company. Laugh, but it's skincare and cosmetics. I feel like this will still hold some value in a downturned economy or world. I am trying to make some connections and develop a leg in the UK, Australia, and Canada. If anybody knows anyone, in those countries who would like to do this part time for a some extra cash, the commission structure is very good and honestly the stuff is really, really good, and it's vegan. Very minimal start up costs. Please let me know, it would be of help.

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I'll give you a bump

And add that learning any kind of a skill such as auto repair or carpentry will come in handy at any time. That sort of knowledge can save you and your friends and family some serious coin.
I have not had the pleasure of travel, but have heard some incredible stories of the resourcefulness of rural Mexicans when it comes to keeping old vehicles rolling.
Cubans too, I must add.
We can learn a lot from those with experience living in the 'third world'.

bump for good ideas

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For the bump. Hopefully someone knows someone. It would be fabulous if I could make a connection off of DP. Im excited about this. woo hoo.