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I hate cops

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I loathe cops

About 4 years ago I was falsely accused of something that never happened and immediately arrested with no probable cause. First and only time I have ever been arrested. I fought back and prosecutor assigned the case refused to file charges. She is now a judge and testified on my behalf against the two p.o.s. pigs who arrested me. Both are morons and their combined i.q. wouldn't make it into 3 digits. They lied their asses off in court but I beat them by telling the truth and exposing their illogical actions. I spent over $15,000 defending myself. I was awarded $100,000 which I am sure I will never see as they continue to fight, claiming I am guilty and their guys were in the right. They have appealed the decision. If I lose I would have to pay all their court costs which my attorney tells me could exceed $40,000. That information is excluded from the jury. Half of my evidence of innocence was not allowed to be shown to the jury as was much of the testimony of the judge-ex prosecutor who stated under oath there was no probable cause the night of my arrest nor would there ever have been. Nevertheless I will keep fighting and would never admit to a crime which didn't happen, could not have happened and which I could not be forced to do under any conditions.
Cops are scum and I cheer every time I hear about one getting shot. Cops are the enemy and nothing more than thugs enforcing the continuing escalation of state power. I wouldn't lift a finger to help a cop. I have taught my kids cops are the enemy and not to talk to them and stay away from them. This video and others like it have been shown to my kids along with many, many stories like this.

The Drug War

The Drug War is the cause of hate for cops, to a large degree. That, and other generally unconstitutional things they must enforce for the government. Before the War on Drugs, cops were respected.

That said, as a libertarian, I object to treating any individual, uniformed or not, as if they were a member of a group and indistinguishable.

Using your logic, you could say "I hate all politicians" or "all members of Congress" and then we would wonder why you visit The Daily Paul.

Try looking for allies everywhere. Many of them will be among the ranks of law enforcement, and some will be just as upset at violations of our rights as we are.


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Cops are people, too.

It's a really tough profession. If you are not jaded when you become one, you are likely to be by the time you've been doing it for awhile. If you must hate, do it selectively; it works better that way.

"Hate" is a scent, like fear, I refuse to wear either

emotions are a choice.

You just don’t know the right ones.

—Cliff in Sioux City, Iowa
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Throw-away tools of war

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Good and bad, mostly bad

Cops do a lot of good and necessary stuff. One problem is, their job is enforcing laws that are mostly bad. Another problem is, they have governmental sovereign immunity which allows them to mistreat "civilians" with impunity. A third problem is, they don't work for the public, they work for the government. The girl in this video is a case in point. If not for sovereign immunity, she could sue his ass and get him fired.

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what does a cop do for you that

You couldn't do for yourself? If you were truly free? Nothing.

Most Everyone Hates Cops

Until they need one.

I've never understood why fat, lazy firemen who get cushy pensions on the tax payer dime after twenty years of loafing get the hero treatment and cops get the shaft.

Folks is folks, even cops. Some good, some bad. I wouldn't want their job, too many jerks on the planet.

Socialists are Everywhere

You know what, [redacted]. My

You know what, [redacted].

My father is a firefighter. The city which he works for treats school teachers better than firefighters and cops. He's busted his a$$ for the city, along with the rest of the employees, and for what? A 3.2% COLA over the past decade whereas the teachers have gotten almost 30%.

OH, and he works for the richest city in the state....

The reason cops get the shaft in terms of respect, is that the majority of them give none.

I hope that when you have a medical emergency or a house, they let it burn or let you suffer.

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A free market will never exist as long as there is monopoly control over the money supply.

"the only thing that keeps the banking system from failing is general ignorance about how the banking system works."

Back at ya :)

I grew up in a community that had a volunteer fire department, those guys I respect. They weren't spending their down time scheming on how to bilk a pension plan or how to play the overtime game or the workers comp lotto.

No knock on your Dad, ya gotta do what ya gotta do but the firefighting industry is by and large a bloated entitlement program wrapped up in theatre. Guess what, they will be the biggest whiners on the next financial down stroke as the next big blow up is going to be pension plans. I wonder how many will hang around for the "public service" when their private scam blows up.

Socialists are Everywhere

You ever "needed" a cop?

When I was a teen, a buddy OD'd and the cops came and resuscitated him. They put in the ambulance and sent him to the hospital, then rehab. No jail, no court, no hassling the guy at all.

A few years back, I was having a horrible reaction to SSRIs and trying to kill myself. My desperate husband called the police. They pretty much stormed my home and terrorized my family for about an hour. I am not going to relive it here, but I assure you when I "needed" them calling them only made the situation MUCH worse.

Occasionally, a "good' cop slips through the cracks. They do personality profiles and background checks on these men, they are TRYING to hire assholes, and succeeding for the most part.

Truth exists, and it deserves to be cherished.

The cops around here

don't have ambulance's

They don't here either, but they have radios

and they call ambulances. They had that amazing technology way back when I was teen even.

Truth exists, and it deserves to be cherished.

Only bad types of people join the forces or become cops

1. people who're completely brainwashed and want to be a hero (without wasting too much time thinking about what side to pick)

2. people with low self esteem who need a gun to feel like they are worth something

3. overgrown equivalents of high school bullies who want the chance to beat people up

4. people who can't get any other job

5. a combination, or all of the above

Cops never did anything for me when I needed them. EVER. In about 4 countries I lived in.

People with half a brain experience the "will to power" through the empowerment of their mind. They do not need the privilege to assert superiority over (unarmed) others nor do they need to get thrills from the petty scope of police authority.

We've all seen them, the scumbags, pepperspraying the girl with the flower, tasering handicapped people, always ready to put the smack down on peacefully assembled people, with their black NWO costumes, shields, sticks, helmets, reinforced vests, automatic weapons, ready to trample your skull with their horse and send you to the hospital.

If bad cops were a minority the good ones would discipline their own. That doesn't happen because they are all wicked. And as far as wicked goes, they're dumb too - or they'd be doing some higher order wickedness like work in tv or politics.

Sure, there may be some who don't actually mean evil, who're just there cause they're derelict souls in desperate need for praise and recognition - but mind you: those without a conscience will always become the hand of the tyrant.

So we don't owe them a break and offending cops is NOT off-limits. They are your real problem here - NWO wouldn't do jack shit if they didn't have people who are ready to shoot at anything when told to do so.

I think you waste

your time generalizing about a hateful subject which does not enhance your life in the least.

Give us back our freedoms...

and we can protect ourselves from criminals and cops.

i wanna give my freedoms to the government

although i am not a us citizen i wish to entrust my freedoms to the us government :)

at least they will protect me from the cops :)

uh huh

I've never seen it fail that those who spout off about cops are the first ones to call them over petty crap.


Socialists are Everywhere

Really? Name names.

I think you thought that sounded good and wrote it. I doubt you can back that up with a case history. The people I know that spout off about cops do everything they can to keep cops out of their lives.

Truth exists, and it deserves to be cherished.

i'm not really interested in

i'm not really interested in who spouts off about cops. it's irrelevant.

I spout and I wouldn't call them for any reason

I caught a guy stealing my lawnmower one time and wound up giving it to him in exchange for mowing my grass every week. Turned out he was going try to make money mowing lawns and needed some start-up equipment. Cops are all a$$holes. The good ones are only slightly less bad.

Great Case Mike

I still stand by my observation that most cop haters are cop callers at the drop of a hat. I've never seen it fail from what I have observed.

The likliehood of developing a solution such as the one you created to meet the situation is beyond the capacity of most folks.

I got a crack dealer to shut down his operation in my neighborhood without resorting to law enforcement, but the story and the techniques used are too long to detail here. We actually parted on a friendly basis.

Developing creative justice will soon be a survival tool as there is an imminent meltdown in services on the horizon. And while most probably think that "I'll shoot the b*$tard" will be a sufficient response to crime, the solutions are much more complex and nuanced.

Socialists are Everywhere

Tax-Funded Policing Is Socialism!

Kwas see article by Gil Guillory.

I don't hate

but the whole thing was a bad situation. Glad to hear her dad is ok.

Prepare & Share the Message of Freedom through Positive-Peaceful-Activism.

The Girl is a Pig

The girl needs to have her mouth washed out with soap. Freedom of speech isn't about being obscenity. We all need to know the difference.

The police serve a necessary function, and just as we expect them to treat us with respect, they also deserve our respect. If you act like an animal, you can expect to be treated like one.

Let's stop alienating law enforcement. And let's clean up our act. Language like that is not acceptable. At least, not to civilized people.

Uhhhh the cop cussed also

Who's going to wash his mouth out with soap and arrest him?

He said the "F" word, he called her an a$$hole and then described her as a bitch.

And uhhhh her father was dying and she was terrified. What was the cop's excuse? Having a bad a$$hole day?

The function of the police is to "serve and protect." He did neither. In fact he almost caused someone to die because he was an a$$hole.

Please let us know what police department you work in so we can avoid your precinct, you obviously have the same bad attitude.

Are you [redacted] stupid?

Freedom of speech is ALL about maintaining the freedom to say things that people like you don't like. Go cope.


"The problem with trying to child-proof the world, is that it makes people neglect the far more important task of world-proofing the child." -- Hugh Daniel

i'll tell you what

she was calling for help you moron.....and no one was answering!!!!!!

If you had a loved one on the floor convulsing, and you called for an ambulance, yet no one picked up the phone, you are telling me you wouldn't get the least bit frustrated????

And since she said the f word that somehow makes here uncivilized....stop alienating law enforcement.....police serve a necessary function????

These are three of the most moronic statements I have ever heard about cops.

Ok either you are a cop or have family members who are.