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1936 U.S. Senate Report: Soil Depleted, 99% of Americans Nutrient Deficient

In 1936, the US Senate was presented with the results of a scientific study it had commissioned on the mineral content of our food. The results demonstrated that many human ills could be attributed to the fact that American soil no longer provided the plants with the mineral elements which are so essential to human nourishment and nutritional health.

The following excerpts concerning Senate Document 264 of the 74th Congress, 2nd Session 1936, were found in the March 1936 issue of Cosmopolitan:

“… 99 percent of the American people are deficient in … minerals, and … a marked deficiency in any one of the more important minerals actually results in disease.”

“Do you know that most of us today are suffering from certain dangerous diet deficiencies which cannot be remedied until the depleted soils from which our foods come are brought into proper mineral balance? The alarming fact is that foods–fruits and vegetables and grains–now being raised on millions of acres of land that no longer contains enough of certain needed minerals, are starving us–no matter how much of them we eat!”

“We know that vitamins are complex chemical substances which are indispensable to nutrition, and that each of them is important for the normal function of some special structure of the body. Disorder and disease result from any vitamin deficiency. It is not commonly realized, however, that vitamins control the body’s appropriation of minerals, and that in the absence of minerals they have no function to perform. Lacking vitamins, the system can make some use of minerals, but lacking minerals, vitamins are useless.”

“Laboratory tests prove that the fruits, vegetables, grains, eggs and even the milk and meats of today are not what they were a few generations ago. No man of today can eat enough fruits and vegetables to supply his system with the mineral salts he requires for perfect health….”

“It is bad news to learn from our leading authorities that 99 percent of the American people are deficient in these minerals, and that a marked deficiency in any one of the more important minerals actually results in disease. Any upset of the balance, any considerable lack of one or another element, however microscopic the body requirement may be, and we sicken, suffer, shorten our lives.”

Folks, this was in 1936, just think about the farming practices we employ today. Now we use herbacides, pesticides, fungacides, insecticides, and any other cides we can think of. Cide means “being killed” by the way, other examples include genocide, fratricide, homicide, you get the point…

So where does that leave us? If even living foods like raw carrots or cabbages can no longer fully supply us with the nutrients we need, where can we turn?


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Life expectancy is a lot higher now than it was in 1936.

Sounds like that report was just the standard scaremongering gambit to get funding for more studies.


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This is not just an issue of nutritional deficiency.

The modern farm uses derivatives of fossil fuels for fertilizers and pesticides, plus mechanical equipment driven by energy to grow crops. Essentially the depleted soil is now just a sponge that contains additives, and without those additives crop production would be a shadow of what is currently produced with them.

Just think of what you eat as converted energy, both currently arriving on earth from the sun, and energy from the sun previously stored in oil and natural gas that is being "mined" now and added to the soil. Your life is just the end result of this energy flow. Before stored energy was used for agriculture the earth could only support 3/4 of a billion people. With the exploitation of stored energy the human population has grown in just the last 233 years by about 6 billion to over 6.7 billion (and counting). Just think that it took all of human history up to 1776, the beginning of the US, for us to reach 3/4 of a billion, and then unleashing the energy of coal, oil natural gas and uranium sent our numbers skyrocketing.

If the energy flow is reduced, the ability of the farmer to grow food is reduced and the number of lives that can be sustained is reduced. The amount of sun arriving currently is not a major issue, nor is it the elephant in the room. The amount of stored energy that is available to add to the soil is a very great concern, for without sufficient amounts, not even the nutritionally deficient food that currently is available will be available.

So just look at oil. What is the expected flow of energy from oil over the next 20 years? There are two problems here. One is how much energy is expended to get back a barrel of oil, and the second is how much oil worldwide can be produced in a given year.

If the energy expended increases, the net amount left for us to use for other purposes decreases. In 1930 the energy expended was about 1%. It has been increasing at about 3% to 3 1/2% per year, doubling every 20 to 23.3 years. Nobody noticed at first because the first doubling took us only from 1% to 2%. But look at the progression: 1%, 2%, 4%, 8%, 16%, 32%, 64%, and then the end of oil exploration because we get back less energy than it takes to acquire it. If you have heard the statements by those in the oil industry that the era of cheap oil is over, this is what they are talking about, but would prefer you not fully understand. When do we get to 100%? About mid century (this century).

The second problem is the flow of oil. Every oil well, every oil field, every oil producing nation, and the entire oil producing world follows a pattern of production which is the shape of a bell curve. Production starts off slowly, increases, reaches peak, declines, and eventually ceases. The problem we are facing is that most oil producing nations already are in decline, and the world is just reaching or has just reached peak oil production. Once peak production is reached decline follows, and the decline is estimated to proceed at about 5% per year on average. This produces a halving period of about 14 years, which means that total would oil production will in 14 years be only half of what it is today, and then half again in another 14 years, etc.

So take into account the increasing amount of oil that must be used up to get more oil, and the decline in overall production, and you face a very large decrease in energy flow. In 5 to 7 years from today, we might lose 1/4 of the oil available to fuel the economy and grow crops, and maybe by the end of 15 years we would be down to 1/2. There are several variables, but this is a rough road map of the future.

So what do you think is going to happen to industrial activity, government, the human population, and everything you know about modern life?

Agriculture is the basis for civilization, so what do you think is going to happen to civilization itself?

"Bend over and grab your ankles" should be etched in stone at the entrance to every government building and every government office.

Azomite for soil remineralization.

"AZOMITE® is a naturally mined product that is an excellent anti-caking agent and a unique re-mineralizer for soils. For sixty years regional crop and livestock producers from central Utah have used this exceptional material to improve livestock and plant growth. Assays reveal that the material contains a broad spectrum of active minerals and trace elements."

"AZOMITE® is a naturally mined mineral product that requires no mixing. It is odorless, won't burn plants and won't restrict aeration or water penetration. Unlike some products, AZOMITE® is not a manufactured, chemically prepared fertilizer. It is 100% natural with no additives, synthetics or filters."

"Mineralogically, the material can be described as a rhyolitic tuff breccia, which is a hard rock formation formed from the dust of a volcano that exploded, much like when Mount St. Helens did in 1980. Its uniqueness does stem from the multitude of trace minerals found in the deposit. Thus the trade name, AZOMITE®, the "A to Z of Minerals Including Trace Elements". Chemically, AZOMITE® is a hydrated sodium calcium aluminosilicate (HSCAS) containing other minerals and trace elements which the National Research Council recognizes to be essential. HSCAS is listed in the U.S. Code of Federal Regulations (21 CFR 582.2729) as an anti-caking agent, and is generally recognized as safe (GRAS) by the FDA. After completing a series of manufacturing steps AZOMITE® is stored for bulk shipment or packaged in 40 pound paper bags and palletized."

Azomite Testimonials

We turn to the perma culturalist.

They are the front line warriors in the taking back of the worlds crashed environments. Further, hemp has deep roots and brings up nutrients, then plow back under for shallow food plants which use recently uplifted nutrients. Everywhere on the poisoned industrial farms hemp should be planted and industrial farming stopped and reconciled by the shamans.
Say no to Monsanto.

And never forget, “Humans, despite our artistic pretensions, our sophistication and many accomplishments, owe the fact of our existence to a six-inch layer of topsoil and the fact that it rains.”

i TOTALLY agree.


Marine Phytoplankton is Quite the Miracle Superfood

A lot of people put seaweed in the soil to feed their plants to give it nutrients, Why not just go straight to the source and take Marine Phytoplankton? It contains every single nutrient needed to sustain human life let alone the entire eco-system - it being the first food in the food chain.

I have been using it for the past couple months, its amazing! its instant energy, your body doesn't have to convert it and so it goes straight to your cells.

If I was on a deserted island (ie. the united states) this is what I would want with me at all times, hell its right there in the ocean, haha, but per my understanding there are only a few types that are safely consumable by humans.

This is where I get mine.

"Why not just go straight to the source...?" I know! I know!

Because it is about as pleasant as those styrofoam rice cakes on the tongue. No, the radish can eat the plankton, I will eat the radish. Nutritionally, you have a point. I still like trying to make eating a pleasant experience. Hedonistic of me, I know.

Truth exists, and it deserves to be cherished.

If you're looking for Pleasure and Nutrition

All in one fell swoop, I would highly highly highly recommend that you try eating the Cacao bean (ie. raw chocolate). It must be eaten raw, unheated, and unprocessed in order to get its benefits. All the claims about chocolate being good for you really originate from the scientific studies on the Cacao nut, unfortunately, most all of its beneficial nutrients are killed once its heated above 108 degrees give or take.

I recommend getting it in a powder, mix 1 cup of cacao powder with 1 cup of vanilla agave nectar (lowest on the glycemic index) with 1 gallon of natural spring water, and you will have the most delicious, most nutritious, superfood on the planet. Throw it in the fridge and drink it for a few days. Throw your green mixes in with it too, it helps your body absorb it better when taken with the cacao. I'm not making any of this up btw, check out David Wolfe's book "Naked Chocolate" if you care to read up on it.

I literally drink raw non-dairy chocolate everyday, it gives me enormous amounts of energy, motivation, and I never experience the crash feeling that comes with stuff like coffee or roasted chocolate products. In mesoamerica, cacao is known as "theobromine" food of the Gods.

Just for fun, I wholeheartedly believe that Superfoods like Cacao are going to save the planet from the inside out. Consuming raw cacao actually creates the neuropeptides in your brain that make you feel like you're in love. Its also loaded with magnesium, iron, and chromium; important minerals which almost everyone in America happens to be deficient in.

There are several limestone

There are several limestone quarries where I live. Would limestone rock dust be good for soil remediation?

Things are only impossible until they are not.
-- Jean Luc Picard

Things are only impossible until they are not.
-- Jean Luc Picard

Wow, this is interesting.

I went to donate blood today and my iron was borderline they had to check it twice to see if I could donate.

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Cacao contains 314% of the U.S. RDA of Iron per 1 oz. (28grams)

Cacao is raw chocolate, however, once you heat it, it kills virtually all of its beneficial nutrients.

Additionally, cacao contains the highest concentration of antioxidants of any food in the world. By weight, cacao has more antioxidants than red wine, blueberries, acai, pomengranates, and goji berries combined.

Did they prick your earlobe the second time?

That is an old stunt to get an artificially elevated RBC count so you can bleed anemic people.
Hey, guess what entity MOST resembles the American Red Cross, in its structure and operations? The Federal Reserve! That is right, the Red Corss is a "charity" that operates under a Congressional mandate but nobody really does much oversight. And did you know that they only use a part of your blood for donations? The rest of it they sell to labs in Europe.
Hope you got a decent cookie out of the deal!

Truth exists, and it deserves to be cherished.

I remember something about

I remember something about Bob Dole's wife running the Red Cross and getting paid $400,000 or so per year for her 'charity work' with them.


"The rest of it they sell to labs in Europe."


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A few things to ponder



Now, here is something funny. I was going to link you to an expose' that Sharyl Atkisson did. It is mentioned here in her Wiki page, it seems she won an emmy for it.

I just can't find her story. Too bad, it was very good. Maybe you can find it, I am not the computer wizard.

Truth exists, and it deserves to be cherished.

I am not going to dig again.

We have all the documentation, we proved our case enough to win an out of court settlement. Can't talk about it much or we have to give the money back. But it was many years ago now, and I am not going to dig for the box with the papers or dig through the papers.
This describes the fractionation process, and it is all those other things that are sold. RBCs are all that is donated.

Truth exists, and it deserves to be cherished.

Chicken gizzards or beef liver will help raise iron

Liver and beets is the best blood food. It's gross though.

The pioneers..

..used to get their iron from eating out of cast iron cookware, try some supplements.
Many peoples living in the mountains, drank the aqua colored water from glacial runoff, and lived to be over 100, the Hunzas are one I think.

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this helps. its the raw beets actually.

Juicing Recipes

fabulous drink for cleansing the body, healing, restoring the body, and energy.

you need a juicer and a glass pitcher (don't use plastic) to do this...

10 carrots
4 celery stalks
2 apples
1 beet
1 clove of garlic
1 small piece of ginger

clean out the juicer each time and separate the pulp and freeze it.

i serve it in a glass with a couple ice cubes 'cause i like it chilled.

this makes 2-3 glasses.

if you are sick and need to detox and heal -- work your way up to six glasses a day.

what to do with the pulp??

i use the apple pulp in a fruit smoothie.

i use the carrot and celery pulp in chili and stew.

i use the beet, garlic, and ginger pulp in borstch soup and i make carrot soup.

i also use the carrot and apple pulp in muffins.

that's why there is an obesity problem.

the body HAS to have nutrients. people can eat tons of food but if it doesn't have the required nutrients in it ... you'll keep getting those hunger pangs.

i make raw juices almost everyday.

i have a colleague in her 20s. eats REALLY well and is really fit but always gets tired in the afternoon. doctors say nothing is wrong with her. whenever she has fruit/protein smoothies and fresh juice she feels fine.

That's why I take VEMMA Supplement! !

See http://www.myvemma.com/powerleg (sorry shameless plug) product is 100% GUARANTEED! 60+ trace minerals

It needs...

..Glacial rock dust, pulverized rocks from glaciers moving over them, you can find it online, or go to a rock quarry, it is a waste product!
I've seen photos of corn 20ft high, but don't tell Monsanto they will get real uppity!

All you farmers out there, check it out!


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From Dave's Garden

A good article on rock dust.

Colchester, New London County, Connecticut

Very interesting

I'm doing more research on the rock dust, or rock flour. Do you know how to make it or where to buy some?

Colchester, New London County, Connecticut

Do a quick search

on the net you can find it, but it is real heavy! So don't have it shipped a long way.
Or try a rock quarry in your local area.

My karma ran over your dogma~

I noticed the shipping

rates on the 50 lb bags are outrageous. Good suggestion on the quarry!

Colchester, New London County, Connecticut