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Rand Paul to Form Exploratory Committee for US Senate Run

Update #4 - Statement from Rand Paul

Last night on national TV, I announced the formation of an Exploratory Committee to run for the US Senate. I did this only after waiting for Senator Bunning to publicly give his ok for candidates to do so. It is still my intention not to run against Senator Bunning. However, I don't think it is healthy for our party to have only one candidate organized if Senator Bunning decides not to run.

Some will note that the announcement was on a network not always seen as friendly to Republicans. I would argue that bringing our message to those who do not yet align themselves as Republicans is precisely how we grow as party. I think we don't have to moderate our message but rather believe in and articulate our message clearly.

The interview:


Update #3

Dr. Rand Paul announced that he would form an exploratory committee to run for US Senate in his home state of Kentucky. The official website for his campaign is: www.RandPaul2010.com

Update: #2

The Rachel Maddow show airs at 9PM ET. Here is the guest list for tonight's show:

  • Charles Duelfer, former chief of the Iraq Survey Group
  • Robert Windrem, senior research fellow at NYU and contributor to The Daily Beast
  • Chris Cilizza, columnist, The Fix, Washington Post
  • Doctor Rand Paul, son of Congressman Ron Paul
  • Zach Stovall, staff reporter and Web content editor, Arkansas News Bureau

Tune in and discuss the announcement here as it breaks.

Original Post:

Matt Collins on the Campaign for Liberty blog is reporting:

Rand Paul is going to make a MAJOR announcement on Rachel Maddow's show (MSNBC) Thursday night (5/14)! It will be worth watching as Rand has discussed a potential run for US Senate from Kentucky.

For the past fifteen years, Dr. Rand Paul, son of Congressman Dr. Ron Paul, has been the chairman of the Kentucky Taxpayers United, a group that monitors and rates the State Legislature. Dr. Paul has been traveling the state of Kentucky for the past several months meeting, talking, and gauging his support.

Stay tuned...

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Saturday Night Challenge-Dr. Rand Paul 2010

Dear Daily Paulers,

I challenge every member and guest to donate $20 tonight to the Rand Paul 2010 campaign. I will do the same, but donate $100 if we can raise at least 1,000 dollars by ten pm eastern time. http://www.randpaul2010.com/
My second challenge is for everyone to challenge at least 5 other people on their e-mail list or circle of friends this weekend. We are at 15,955, so I will put my money where my mouth is if you can reach 16,955 in the next one hour and twenty minutes.

Money bomb

I know times are tough out there,but we need to organize a big time money bomb for Rand. Instantly level the playing field and the local press in KY will eat it up. Any ideas?

Kentucky Libertarian Party Poised to Help Rand Paul

From reviewing the website of the Kentucky Libertarian Party website www.lpky.org three items indicate that the KY LP is poised to help Rand Paul in his run for the US Senate,

First, the Vice Chair, K. Joshua Koch, wrote in his blog:
"A little disclosure will make this irony quite amusing: I used to be a Republican. I worked for Republican candidates for over a decade. Then, I finally woke up and realized my ideals weren't welcome. In the 2008 General Election, for the first time ever, I didn't vote for a single Republican on the ballot.

Yet, I can think of one potential candidate who might make me vote for him, despite his party. It seems that Rand Paul is mulling a bid for Senate in 2010. I urge anyone liberty-minded to look into him at the PEAC site: rand2010.com.

Could Rand make me vote for a Republican? He just might. I hope he decides to run."

Second, from its statewide news page is this: "The focus for 2010 will be local elections, where we can compete at at financial level, and the party can directly be involved in assisting the candidates."

Third, this announcement on the KY LP website:

"Welcome Ron Paul Supporters
As you probably already know, Dr. Ron Paul was the Presidential Candidate for the Libertarian Party in 1988. As such, it should be no surprise that over 80% of the National LP membership supported Dr. Paul's most-recent run for President. In Kentucky, approximately 95% of LPKY members support Ron Paul.

The Libertarian Party of Kentucky promotes the ideals held by Dr. Paul throughout Kentucky. Since 1976, we have supported freedom-loving candidates at the local, state and federal levels. We are always seeking and supporting candidates for office at all levels to promote freedom and liberty.

The Libertarian Party of Kentucky looks forward to working with the state and local chapters of the newly-formed Campaign for Liberty.

Founded in 1971, The Libertarian Party has been a consistent voice for freedom for over 37 years, and with your support will continue to be that voice for another 37 years and beyond."

I am happy that the libertarians and Libertarians in Kentucky are strategically planning so that Rand Paul will have the best opportunity to be elected.

I have also donated to Rand Paul's Exploratory Committe and am going to donate to the Kentucky Libertarian Party so that they can have a plan "B" ready if the Republican Party fails to nominate Dr. Paul and also so they can elect candidates at the local level in Kentucky.

Peace, prosperity, liberty

George Whitfield
Organizer, Seoul Ron Paul and Libertarian Party Meetup Groups

I hope the Libertarian Party

I hope the Libertarian Party and Constitution Party help out! I know Rand can be pushed to work for fair ballot and election laws!

Well, I would like to see Robert Paul

who is Dr. Paul's youngest son, also a doctor and active with the campaign in 2007/8 and lives in TX, to also run for office as congressman in a district in TX where he can possibly win in a primary or against an incumbent D in 2010.

I'm starting to have a weird

I'm starting to have a weird crush on Rachel. He needs to smile more, but the interview was great and got better and better. Imagine the shockwaves we would send to the GOP if we raised tons of money for Rand and got him elected. I am psyched.

Help in Kentucky

I want to help in Kentucky this summer!

I certainly hope...

Your grandfather decides to run in 12. He's got an army ready to jump at the chance to seat him in the White House. If our movement could seat your uncle, it will inspire those who sit on the sidelines to get into the game. We really need a win.. be it HR 1207, Rand, Schiff.. Once we win something I would bet my last dollar that our movement will really take off.

Your family rocks. Ill support them however I can.

'Peace is a powerful message.' Ron Paul

I'd like to see Rand raise

I'd like to see Rand raise as much money as Bunning
already has in his exploritory stage. That might convince Rand to run even if bunning does decide to keep running.

It'll be easy to convince Rand to run regardless, if we can prove to him he can raise a lot of money.


SD Ron Paul liberty Operation up an running.

Donate here https://rally.org/southdakotaforliberty/donate
Volunteer for Phone from Home here http://www.southdakotaforliberty.com/node/4


I also think that if Rand Paul can outrise Bunning in the next few weeks and when Paul reaches say 2-6 million, Bunning may decide to drop out. I think Bunning's ultimate decision whether to continue to run is depending on how much money he can raise. he needs to raise 6-10 million he said and he has NO help from McConnel.

State senator Dave Williams and possibly at least one woman may also join in the race, the ex Latvian ambassador though only after Bunning would decide to drop out, so it might be quite a crowded race, which could be good for Paul. In any case, he and his team need to have very good campaign strategy and work very hard, from door to door as he said.

Eventually it would be good if say one congressman from KY could endorse him later, or in any case a few existing congressman and campaign for him, like neighboring congressman John Duncan, who voted against the Iraq war with Dr. Paul and is a friend, gov. Gary Johnson, Barry Goldwater jr. etc.

I am stoked.

Rachel is awesome! I mean,

Rachel is awesome! I mean, she basically let Rand give a 5 min infomercial on national television.

She really treats the Paul's with respect.

I'm starting to have a crush on her....

Can anyone tell me why Rand

Can anyone tell me why Rand Paul's site is so clean, modern, and professional but C4L's site continues to look and navigate like absolute crap?! The web designer at C4L should be fired for making it look like some ugly vintage early 90s site. I don't even bother looking at the thing. I'll stick with www.LewRockwell.com, www.Mises.org, and DailyPaul!

With that said, Rand has my unwaverying support!

Completely agree. Also, I've

Completely agree. Also, I've never liked the C4L logo! It needs to be replaced.


I agree with all of this. C4L's website has always been horrible.

Just donated...

Just donated...

Murrieta, Ca

Is the host of this show the

Is the host of this show the same dude that was in the American Pie movies?



It is not politics it is respect

Rand Paul has respect for Jim Bunning because of his recent votes. So, it is a personal decision, but let's move forward with the exploratory campaign.

Why does Rand revere Bunning so much?

The guy can't even tell him whether he is retiring or not.

It all just seems really stupid.

If Bunning cared about the country he would have said something.

If Rand cared about the country he would run anyways because he could probably do a better job than Bunning, no?

I guess it's just all politics as usual stuff where everything needs to be obfuscated in hidden order (and chaos).


Glen Beck -- An Exposed Enemy:
Glenn Beck Supports NAFTA and taking your job:


Glen Beck -- An Exposed Enemy:
Glenn Beck Supports NAFTA and taking your job:

I think Dr. Paul is a bit too sentimental here.

I understand that he doesn't want to run against one of the few senators who voted against the bailouts, but this isn't personal. Rand can do a better job than Bunning, and he should run whether Bunning steps aside or not.


"The problem with trying to child-proof the world, is that it makes people neglect the far more important task of world-proofing the child." -- Hugh Daniel

I don't know, but I agree the situation's exasperating.

I wish Rand would just say, "I'm running," and be done with it.

northstar's picture

I agree

The Paul family sure is special, so I'm sure he's going to run if Bunning stalls too much longer. Rand said he respected Bunning, so hopefully Bunning will see that and let Rand run.

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Real eyes realize real lies

We want our country back

Every year is a year for Ron Paul!

CNN & 15k

Yes, I am happy to read the news story on the front page of cnn.com. Folks, we are $5 from 14k and I am asking Daily Paulers to get out the message, so we can raise another 1k by 9:30 PM. We want to raise 15k in the first 24 hours.

We are on a

We are on a rolllllllllllllllll!!!!!!!!!!!

He's ...

THE GUY!!! Great!

bump for freedom*)

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Run Rand Run!

We all know and love Rand as a supporter of his father and a friend to liberty and the Constitution. Is there any question about how awesome he would be as a Senator?

And did you notice how well he articulated the power behind the message of freedom, and why it so naturally cuts across "traditional" ideological and partisan lines?

And he's a doctor! ;)

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