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Rand Paul to Form Exploratory Committee for US Senate Run

Update #4 - Statement from Rand Paul

Last night on national TV, I announced the formation of an Exploratory Committee to run for the US Senate. I did this only after waiting for Senator Bunning to publicly give his ok for candidates to do so. It is still my intention not to run against Senator Bunning. However, I don't think it is healthy for our party to have only one candidate organized if Senator Bunning decides not to run.

Some will note that the announcement was on a network not always seen as friendly to Republicans. I would argue that bringing our message to those who do not yet align themselves as Republicans is precisely how we grow as party. I think we don't have to moderate our message but rather believe in and articulate our message clearly.

The interview:


Update #3

Dr. Rand Paul announced that he would form an exploratory committee to run for US Senate in his home state of Kentucky. The official website for his campaign is: www.RandPaul2010.com

Update: #2

The Rachel Maddow show airs at 9PM ET. Here is the guest list for tonight's show:

  • Charles Duelfer, former chief of the Iraq Survey Group
  • Robert Windrem, senior research fellow at NYU and contributor to The Daily Beast
  • Chris Cilizza, columnist, The Fix, Washington Post
  • Doctor Rand Paul, son of Congressman Ron Paul
  • Zach Stovall, staff reporter and Web content editor, Arkansas News Bureau

Tune in and discuss the announcement here as it breaks.

Original Post:

Matt Collins on the Campaign for Liberty blog is reporting:

Rand Paul is going to make a MAJOR announcement on Rachel Maddow's show (MSNBC) Thursday night (5/14)! It will be worth watching as Rand has discussed a potential run for US Senate from Kentucky.

For the past fifteen years, Dr. Rand Paul, son of Congressman Dr. Ron Paul, has been the chairman of the Kentucky Taxpayers United, a group that monitors and rates the State Legislature. Dr. Paul has been traveling the state of Kentucky for the past several months meeting, talking, and gauging his support.

Stay tuned...

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Rand2010.com will more than

Rand2010.com will more than likely be coming down, as the new official website will be launched in the coming hours.

"Just because you do not take an interest in politics doesn't mean politics won't take an interest in you."- Pericles

Let the fun begin!

This is going to get interesting.

She Likes Us

Rachel likes our movement i tink


I'll have my popcorn ready!

"Just because you do not take an interest in politics doesn't mean politics won't take an interest in you."- Pericles


I had to watch the Big Bad John ad so that I could get fired up.

He will probably announce

an exploratory committee, but not announce formally until Bunning drops out. This is probably the best option. As exploratory committee, he cna raise funds and tour (more). it is a good thing he has already started with his "campaign". I think sen. Bunning told Trey Grayson (and others?) to join in if he cannot raise a lot of money. Bunning has I think only 400 000 and needs 6 million or more.

Now if Dr. Rand Paul can raise a lot quick after announcement, especially from people in KY it will mean a lot. It will be a titanic struggle. There is a woman and Dave Williams who may also join the race.


Someone posted this last Saturday in the comments section. I figured it was just random talk but that person must have known even a week ago.

Who posted that?

me :)

I have lurked here a long time...don't post much. If you are from KY you might know me though...I have blue and purple hair.

Yep, I got the word from Dr. Rand Paul himself.

Looking forward to that.

Good of Rachel Maddow to have him on the show.