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Any cops who support RP on here?

If so, how do you go about doing your job? Do you still arrest people for "illegal" drug possession?
That is, are you guys ballsy enough to dissent from the commands of your superiors?

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My Coin Dealer

is also a Sherriff Deputy and a Ron Paul Fan. He knows exactly why I do not want my transactions recorded and obliges. He is good peeps.

met many cops who support Ron Paul

"The Constitution is not an instrument for the government to restrain the people, it is an instrument for the people to restrain the government -- lest it come to dominate our lives and interests."
-- Patrick Henry

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sometimes LL can suck & sometimes LL rocks!
Love won! Deliverance from Tyranny is on the way! Col. 2:13-15

Cops who support Ron Paul

There were about three cops who came out and publicly supported Congressman Paul and had their names posted on his 2008 campaign website.

American Federation of Police -- posted on their site last year

That the predominance of their 100,000 members -- Ron Paul was the favorite -- for many reasons!

I've known 1000's of cops over 20 years and most of them believe in their Constitutional Oath -- They are, however, un-aware of the Un-Constitutional Laws they Enforce.

I'm trying to get DP as the place they can come -- be appreciated for the good work they do -- and we further convert them into LEAP - Oathkeepers - Constutional Analysis - Austrian Economic Theory

What do you think?


reedr3v's picture

I like reaching out and working for converts;

but at the DP they might run into very heavy righteous anger toward cops, especially if it's a day some new atrocity has occurred.
Octo I know you're very creative and good with fresh angles; if you have contacts, maybe a blog that networks the organizations in your post could link to info. on economics, constitutional analysis, etc.

The soldiers were ordered to swear to the president, Hitler.

Werner von Blomberg personally ordered all soldiers in the army to pledge the Reichswehreid (oath of allegiance) not to Volk and Fatherland, but to the new Reichspräsident and Führer Adolf Hitler, which is thought to have limited later opposition to Hitler.

Soldiers have to realize that they are not to follow a man, but should follow the Constitution. This rule applies as well to police officers.

Good question, atrickpay!

How many Nazi officers in Germany had the balls to dissent. It will come down to this in the States as well.

Good cops and bad cops

In the last month, I have received TWO WARNINGS for speeding. One in Georgetown, TX, from a city policeman, while driving 31 in a 20, and the other from a deputy sheriff in Spicewood, driving 70 in a 50 construction zone, 30 miles west of Austin on HWY 71. I still have my Ron Paul bumper sticker on the back of my car so they certainly did not use RP against me.

Steve Orrange

There should be some here.

Listen, no cop goes "bad" unless he consciously decides to go "bad".
He doesn't "have to" beat people half to death for fun, unless he decides to do that.
In my mind, that's no longer a "cop". That's a criminal. And they should get every bit the punishment that any criminal should get, and then some. Because he violated a position of public trust.

The good cops need to take a stand, if they don't want to get "lumped-in" with the bad ones. They need to step up and stop their fellow cops from doing ANY of this stuff. It's not needed, it's not wanted, and it's creating a very severe antagonism against cops by the general public.

This is what the good cops need to do.
We can't stop these "bad" cops. They're beating the crap out of us, tazing us, helping thugs steal our property, pulling over innocent people and searching them, doing roadblocks, etc, etc, etc.
And if we did anything, they'd come down on us like a ton of bricks.
The good cops need to put a stop to it. NOW.
Or they are as bad as the bad ones, for standing by silently when these abuses occur.

I was thinking, it's NOT

just the police who have good and bad people. How about Doctors, Nurses, Lawyers, Politicians, Sales People etc. every area we are faced with such decisions. It is a lot easier from a distance to say what to do but it is a rare person like Dr. Paul who actually does it. Dr. Paul is an amazing fellow and he does it with such grace and humility.

"We can see with our eyes, hear with our ears and feel with our touch, but we understand with our hearts."

Good and bad people yes, but...

The difference between the police and the other professions you listed is...authority.

Yes, Ron Paul is amazing. His integrity and humility are truly refreshing. :)

Jiminy Crocket -- I agree 100%

Doctors have authority to determine if a child is taken away from parents -- expert witness. Christian Flu Vaccine cases - Christian Chemo cases - Mental Compitence - Big Pharma Drug Pimps.

Lawyers can fumble a case or work hard to get lobbying dollars through

Politicians can abdicate to the president and kick-start a 10-year war and abdicate to the Fed and steal $9T in 8 years -- destroy the housing market and further inflate the dollar.

By my estimation Doctors, Lawyers, and Politicians are responsible for 90% of all economic stress and help facility 90% of all deaths (Fiat Credit - Lobby-Eared Regulations - Suppression of Natural Healing Techniques).

36,000 die from the "Flu" every year -- How easy of a fix is that? Bump Vit C in the Spring Summer to 6,000mg per day and Vit D to 500% of Daily Recommended value in the Fall. Problem solved.

8-year Desert War has cost the lives of 2,000,000 people

Trillion dollar budgets (how many marriages are broken up or stress deaths each year from inflation - loss of home - loss of purchasing power)

You are right Cops do not even compare -- 380 deaths per year only around 8 are "wrongful"

Words for the day: "Abdication" and "Authority" (one begets the other in all instances).



I understand your argument but again it is about more then just killing 380 individuals a year. How many did they shoot and wound but not kill? How many people have they tazed? How many people have they used physical force against?

The issue is not about how many they kill a year as compared to everything else. It is about being given a very big responsibility to uphold the law while at the same time using some common sense. Being held to a higher standard and not abusing their power including hitting the lights to get though some traffic.

I think more

DP'ers should become cops, and yes run for sheriff of there town. I would rather be pulled over by one of you. Not that I speed or anything. Now my job is a form of spying, not on U.S. citizens mind you. I try and keep people in check from within. I've met some individuals that just want to see things blow up, and call them out. I'm better than they are at identifying images. But whats nice is I know a number of people in my line of work who voted for Ron Paul, and we steer others in our direction, with Ron's views.

So become a cop, join the service even, work in your state or county office, become a teacher, pop out a ton of kids, lol, have fun with that one too.

If things start hitting the fan, who do you want on this side, me or a stranger to DP.


This is what we must do. We must become the power structure there is NO other way.

This is why I am always saying take over the Republican Party. Ron Paul's party.

I Agree


I like this idea

You know, at least DPers and people of similar beliefs are genuinely dedicated to defending the constitution and appreciate the proper role of government. They might actually "protect and serve."

I thought about enlisting in the reserves for this purpose, but I think it's too likely that I would have to carry out unethical and unconstitutional programs.

It's not for everyone.

I have to deal with scenarios i'm not always happy with, I am never going to be ok with it all, but as I said earlier it's not with U.S. citizens, and I can only hope if jobs like mine are hiring I'de rather it be DP'ers working side by side, and making sound judgment calls.

So if there are any who are ok with this, we are still hiring.

If you have some aviation experience, and or some military experience go to UAV.com and apply for sensor operator position. The more of us there the better. Just don't talk politics right away. Wait a good number of months till you get settled in.


idea, thanks for your post.

"We can see with our eyes, hear with our ears and feel with our touch, but we understand with our hearts."

this is what

i think of cops, i made a video couple weeks ago , not all cops are bad but i never met one that i liked

I very nearly enrolled for police training.

I backed out at the last minute because I hated the idea of busting people for meaningless bullshit while real criminals pursued their "career" with little hindrance from "the law".

My family were very keen on me becoming a copper. Good money, career prospects, a "real job". Never mind.

I'm now a licensed private security officer (in Britain, you need a license for that) with no more "authority" than any other private citizen.

With crime currently out of control in British cities and police forces "overstretched", it is only a matter of time before we see a big shift in political priorities away from pursuing trivial offences towards tackling "real crime".

By the way, I have worked as a "Mall Cop", but I'm not a fat guy riding a Segway ;-)

"Fascism should more properly be called corporatism because it is the merger of state and corporate power." - Benito Mussolini.

Your name reminds me of an episode of...

....The 3 Stooges.

It went something like this (the stooges were painters)

Moe: I'll explain so even you can understand it (he's talking to Curly)
Moe: Moe, oe May......Larry, arry Lay....Curly......

Curly: Curly Q!

Moe: Boy, are you um day.

Curly: You mean I'm um day in pig language?

Moe: You're um day in any language.

I remember when

cops were called Peace Officers. Our neighbor was the Sheriff of our little town. He was a good family man unfortunately one of his sons went to prison for abusing drugs. I also remember going to a party when I was young and a lot of the fellows there were county cops and they were smoking weed. It was a shock. The problem people have we lump people together and say THEY rather than HE or SHE. People are bundles of emotion. I think what society is lacking big time is respect for one another. Maybe, there was always a lack of respect when I look back at history. If I could have one wish it would be that humanity could look into each others eyes and see themselves. I think what scares me about visiting my local police station is no body smiles or says hello. Those in control have done this on purpose. Divide and conquer. I can't help but think about the Chinese cop, Russian cop, American cop is there any difference anymore. When I watch the news from around the world have you notice the uniforms all look alike. There appears to be an effort to make them all look and behave the same, like robots. I don't have any answers and please this is not bashing anyone just my observations. Don't you think the elite love it when the police and public fight. After all the attention is then taken away from the real
felons the banksters. I think we need some sort of outreach group to bridge this divide.

"We can see with our eyes, hear with our ears and feel with our touch, but we understand with our hearts."

It's a power trip

No cop is stupid enough to think otherwise, they know what they do. You have two options in this system. You can be a slave or the enforcer of the slaves. Then it's up to the individual to try and justify which path he takes.

Do I pass the litmus test?

I still get nervous as hell when I get pulled over and I am quick to establish that I have a working knowledge of my rights as well as theirs. Polite and humble i try to be, but they can obviously tell i'm angry and nervous.

So nice I had to say it twice

Lets route them out. Lets label them. Lets mark the usurpers. A cop walking into the DP is going to be raped and maimed by the seething anti-police force that is here. They'll attack. They'll insult. The group of hatred will not stop until everyone sees the world their way. Cops are evil, vile creatures born from the wombs of big government. Criminals,meh, their just fighting the powers that be man.

Not if they are PEACE OFFICERS

Do you agree that there is a difference in being a peace officer dedicated to upholding righteousness and being a law enforcement officer dedicated to doing whatsoever your senior authority tells you to do?

I find most police officers I meet to be decent folks doing their job. Some are probably terrible apples and some are probably as virtuous as anyone you would meet.

I bet Ron Paul supporters on any force would bring dignity and respectability to their unit.

My liberty-minded home base of thought:



Freedom - Peace - Prosperity

"piss officers"?

"Cops are evil, vile creatures born from the wombs of big government. "

well said, mr previous poster :)

Just what is they're job?

It's to uphold statutes and codes. To collect revenue. To extort. To prevent society from defending themselves. To gain power over another. Decent? What ever makes you sleep at night.