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Paul Rand is not Rand Paul!

Paul Rand was definitely a cool guy. He was America's most famous graphic designer, and he designed all of these logos, and more:

You'll have no problem finding information on him if you Google him. The problem is, he's also the first entry that comes up when you Google Rand Paul, which just isn't right. We need Rand's official campaign page to come up FIRST on a Google search of Rand Paul's name.

Bloggers and webmasters we need your help! Link to Rand's site with Rand's full name as the anchor text. Just copy and paste the code below onto your website or blog, or comment forms that allow HTML. The Google bots should figure out the difference eventually, but this will help a lot.

It will look like this on your page: Rand Paul 2010 for Kentucky | US Senate

Thank you!

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i just googled rand paul and got this page on top


all links were for rand paul and one for "paul rand."

Ron Paul is my President

Ron Paul is My President


Michael: you are doing a superb job and you are not enough praised for that. I realized you have also registered randpaul2010 :-)

Now I was wondering whether Rand Paul and his team could not use Paul Rand's name and his design or a video-clip of him as an original way for "introducing" and promoting Rand Paul in an add. I assume Rand will follow a positive campaign and nothing like a truly original way to make ads. Perhaps something like just like Paul Rand designed bran logos, so Rand Paul can "design" a brand health care free market system, or something like that. Do some brainstorming... The media might also be attracted to it, like ABC (local station in TV), the local IBM, UPS etc in KY.

What do you think?

Best regards

Improve the Wiki on Rand Paul

I have been doing a Google for Rand Paul and there are some video links at the top, including the latest one he did on the Rachael Maddow show...implying that the Google algorithms are making headway. However, I did notice that Paul Rand's Wikipedia page showed up as # 4 or #5 among all results and #1 for Wikipedia-related links. I think it would be beneficial for us to do what we can to improve Rand Paul's Wikipedia page (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rand_Paul) hits so that they show up near the top, at least above Paul Rand's. A lot of people use Wikipedia to get the skinny on something, so you know what to do.

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Currently on top of page 19

Found it on top of page 19 - please search for Rand Paul without quotes and click on the link on page 19. It should move off page 19 if enough people click on the link there.

My blog

Rand Paul

Ya, you're right. It's on page 18

right now. I just clicked it.

The one with quotations marks is on page 9 (it was on page 7 a day or two ago--it's dropping).

I also deal with SEO, and I

EDIT: Interesting sidenote, this page actually ranks higher than randpaul2010.com when searching for "Rand Paul".

I also deal with SEO, and I can tell you that this is 100% correct. (Edit: I meant to reply to the post below, Sorry!). Though, the domain "randpaul2010.com" might still be in Google's sandbox.

Website Owners: Use the link text above.

Everyone else: Search for 'Rand Paul' on Google and click onto Rand's website (not the other Paul Rands!) and close your Google tab/window. (You'll have to click 'next' a lot and make sure you click onto randpaul2010.com not rand2010.com).

I just found it in Google...

I used the search terms: "Rand Paul" (including the quotations). It was on page 7 people. Also folks, with Google make sure click the "promote" button to the right of the search result.

After doing that, it now shows up as the 1st result overall. I'm not sure if this is now for everyone, or if Google has just remembered it for me.

i used to be big on search engine optimization

i spent a lot of time with it. google always changes their algorithim --sometimes for the worse. in 2002 they used a really good algorithim that would actually take you to websites based on relevancy, not just popularity. so joeshmo.com could still compete with cnn.com. unfortunately, google sucks now and they have made it so relevancy takes a back seat to the mainstream. which is too bad. because, relevancy is what made the internet so great and so expansive. so, because of this, the internet has actually shrunk in my opinion. anyway, i digress.

a little known secret is that google pays attention to which links you click on as a visitor and takes that into consideration when ranking pages.

when i started my website, i was on the 2nd page. every day, i would change my IP address using a proxy, search for my defined key terms in google, and pretend that i was a new visitor innocently looking for a website similar to mine. so i would click on my website last and google would "remember" that this particular visitor found my website and stopped searching (presumably because i found what i was looking for.)

slowly, my rank began to rise, and it was not long before i became the first website.

this is secret stuff. don't tell anybody. but in niche markets, where competition is not so stiff, it really is this simple.

my advice: click on rand paul's site through google. and if you do want to visit the other guy's website (paul rand), then at least make sure to not visit his website last. make rand paul your final stop. make sense?

This Really Works

I have done this too with great success. Like you said, it works in niche markets. I have done the same thing, except open Google in 20 tabs in my browser, paste the search term into them and and navigate to the site I'm trying to bump up. If you have a well made site (SEO wise) and get a few other site to link to yours, you can rise to the top of the search. If you get your friends to search too, then that will bump it up even faster.

I built a website for our local church and did this with great success. Our church is small, 100 members or so, but when you search for "church [our city name]" it comes up first in the search results beating out our local Mega churches.

Great Post

This is the kind of post that makes DailyPaul AMAZING!

And it's great to learn about Paul Rand too!
Here is an interview w/ him---lot's to learn from
this guy: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w93OdYzDVGs

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my videos: www.youtube.com/conservativefunds

Check out http://iroots.org/
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meta tags.

what rand's website needs, as well as any one wanting to show up in the search, is meta tags. you use a meta tag at the top of the HTML of the page and basically list what your site is about. you can put a description (which will show up underneath the website's title in the search) and you can put keys words ("rand paul")

google it. search engines all work a little differently, but meta tags help. so would quoting "rand paul" so it can't be reversed in the search results.

I thought that Rand Paul was

I thought that Rand Paul was running for U.S. Senate, not Kentucky Senate. It might be less confusing this way:

Rand Paul 2010 for Kentucky | U.S. Senate

Drain the swamp!

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Ok. Point taken & updated.

Ok. Point taken & updated. Two heads are better than one, and 30,000 are better than 2.

Thank you.

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I googled him on ixquick and guess what? The first 4 hits were..

Paul Rand.
There is "Internet Filtering" going on NOW.

I Was Just Reading...

... Paul Rand's bio at Wikipedia, and he's not a bad guy to have mixed up with Rand Paul. It's much better than when people were mixing up Ron Paul with Ru Paul (the transvestite guy) early in the primaries.

Paul Rand sounded like a hard working guy. Shame he's not around to help us design a logo for Rand Paul's senate run. Personally, I still like Liberty_Belle's "Re-MOJO-lution" idea the best.

Rand Paul - putting the "mojo" back in the Republican party :-)


for the the morning crew.

Ron Paul "Sign Wave Across the USA" -- November 5th!

Groovy. I <3 NeXT. Cool logo by a cool guy.

But there's an even cooler guy running for senate though! :)

Make invisible links

I wanted to elaborate on this but cannot display what I'm wanted to show.

Basically you could make the links "invisible" and have like 10 per page. Humans would never see them, but the google bots would and would learn from it.

Hey, I Could Be The First...

... Rand Paul spammer :-) YouTube here I come (j/k).

Rand Paul for KY Senate 2010
Rand Paul for KY Senate 2010
Rand Paul for KY Senate 2010
Rand Paul for KY Senate 2010

That's my contribution for now.

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Ha ha.

Oh, that's just great!

It's ALWAYS something...isn't it!
LOL...just kidding around - but here's a BUMP for you, anyway.

. @ @ . Power to the People!
@ O @ -----> PEOPLE
. @ @ . NOT Corporate Entities!