Join the Online Ron Paul Rally:

I received this letter from Dan Libby at Ron Paul Planet. It is a great idea! I encourage everyone to join the online rally. You can see, and join the online Ron Paul rally here

Fellow Ron Paul Supporters and Freedom Lovers,

We all know that Dr. Paul has a lot of supporters on the internet. We have seen the YouTube stats, the Alexa stats, the meetup stats, the technorati blogging stats, the online poll results, etc, etc.

But the problem with stats is that they are just faceless numbers. It is hard to visualize the people behind those numbers. And it is easy for detractors to claim those numbers are somehow faked and to continue ignoring us and Dr. Paul in the mass media.

So I was thinking about this issue, and about possible ways for us to more visually demonstrate our support online with something that would be hard to ignore. I wanted to show all doubters that there are LOTS of people that are standing with Dr. Paul. I wanted to show that we are real people, and that it is popular to want freedom and less government, and an end to this war. I wanted to dispel the notion that Dr. Paul is a "longshot" by demonstrating that we the people stand with him.

I decided to start a virtual rally online for Dr. Paul. A rally that lasts the length of the campaign. A rally that thunders out our support. I would like to see every person in the forums and YouTube, every person in the Meetup groups, every person that has donated to the campaign, every person that LOVES FREEDOM and STANDS WITH RON PAUL -- become a part of this rally.

To this end, I created a new website with a simple and novel approach. I believe it to be the first of its kind. The website contains a single, ever-expanding photo mosaic. Each Ron Paul supporter may upload his or her photo, and it will be added to the mosaic.

Also, each person is asked to make a brief statement about why they support Ron Paul, which state they live in, and some other details, most of which are optional. These messages of support appear in speech bubbles as you move your mouse around the mosaic. Clicking on a person will bring up a larger thumbnail photo.

In just 5 days of operation, we have generated over 560 photos and
expressions of support from enthusiastic supporters all over the country.

The mosaic looks really great, and it is fun to see what each person has to say. I cannot wait to see how much more impressive it will look with thousands upon thousands of Ron Paul supporters, as it expands out and down for several screens.

Indeed, I think we should be able to create the largest human photo mosaic on the internet. This in itself would be newsworthy, and could attract more positive attention to the campaign. Further, the mosaic images are available to anyone who would like to use them to promote Dr. Paul in other ways: creating posters, t-shirts, billboards and so on.

So if you'd like to be part of the Ron Paul Rally, head on over to:

Then please forward this message to anyone and everyone you think might be interested. Blog it, and so on.

ps, for anyone on the fence about doing this: Think about the thousands of people who spent time and money to go to the real rallies to show their support for Dr. Paul. Joining this rally is free, and it takes just a couple of minutes. You can do it *right now*.

pps, for anyone active in a Meetup group, please read this post with a simple activity suggestion:

Let's prove the naysayers wrong!


Dan Libby

We are rallying together for Ron Paul. Join us!

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Online festivities continue at the virtual mosaic.

Thanks Dan for the rally site!
Last night 72607 @7:30 PM EST, there were 679 folks on the rally page.

Less than 26 hours later, 201 more gorgeous faces
join the beautiful people at

Photo Missing? Campaign Money

I posted my photo and comments to the mosaic several days ago and I have yet to see it. Is there just a long delay? Has anyone else had a similar experience?

I should also like to say that EVERY Ron Paul supporter needs to contribute at least a little money to his campaign. I've noticed from the mosaic that many people have not. Even if you are spending money on local efforts and contributing valuable time, while laudable, you should still send some money to the campaign. It is only through such receipts that mass advertising/viability can be bought. If Ron is to get MSM respect, it has to be bought. We like to rag on the MSM and much of it is correct, but they will respond more positively if the Paul for President warchest rises to truly respectable levels.

Almost everyone can scrape up $25-$50. Keep a spare change jar and you'd be surprised how fast the money builds up. Sell something on e-bay. Have a garage sale. Renew your online porn site subscription for 8 months rather than for the full year.

Harry Browne and Michael Badnarik got 400,000 votes each time they ran for president. Very few of those were likely to be protest votes. Protesters don't vote; protesters stay home. Those 400,000 votes came largely from libertarians alone. Ron Paul pulls support not only from libertarians but from other parties and the non-affiliated too. So, it makes sense that Dr. Paul has (or will have) at least 400,000 supporters.

400,000 supporters x $25 each = $10 million

400,000 supporters x $50 each = $20 million

400,000 supporters x $100 each = $40 million

Poor Ron has only $2.6 million in the bank??? And we call ourselves supporters? "Lovers of Liberty?" I scoff at that!

Do we really expect Ron Paul -- our American Eagle -- to fly with clipped wings? It's going to take much more than folks standing on street corners waving signs. There is romance in grassroots support which should never be downplayed. But slick, glitzy showmanship through TELEVISION advertising is even more important. (That's why Fred Thompson polls so well even though he has yet to even declare he is in the race. He's on T.V.)

I quote from the movie Catch Me If You Can... "Why do the Yankees win the pennant each year? Because the other team can't take their eyes off the pin stripes."

Well my fellow Ron Paul "supporters" stripes cost money -- and sending it in is the only way we'll turn our nice base of 400,000-1 million into the roughly 80 million votes needed to win the presidency.

If each supporter would do their part and send the campaign $25, $50 or $100, our Ron Paul eagle could become the Ron Paul Rocket streaking to victory.

Brad Watson
Dallas/Ft.Worth Mid-Cities Meetup Co-Organizer

re: missing campaign money...

that is disheartening, RP should have alot more than 2.4mil, everyone needs to do their part with contributions or all the sign waving and online support in the world won't be worth a damn ($50 now is a tough sacrifice for many of us but it's alot easier than the alternative of financing Clinton or Obama's grand visions if RP doesn't win)...

Photo upload issues

Hi Brad. I'm the author of the rally site. If you got a blank page immediately after uploading your photo then your photo was not actually uploaded. This issue affected some people that were uploading large photos. I believe it is 100% fixed now.

For everyone -- if you upload a photo and do not see the "Your Photo has been uploaded" page afterwards, then please email me the photo you were trying to upload and the information you posted into the form. I will use it for testing if there is something wrong, and I will upload the info for you.

About donations -- I agree we could all do more. The rally site is requesting that everyone donate directly to the campaign after uploading a photo.

In any event, I'd like to thank everyone who has joined the rally so far, and I encourage you to tell your friends and keep spreading the word. Let's build a massive show of support for Dr. Paul!

say yes to Dr. Paul. say no

say yes to Dr. Paul.
say no to North American Union.
Any questions?

da bear

da bear