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Not sure what to make of this. Murray sabrin bashing Steve Lonegan

For any of you who have been following this, Sabrin endoresed Christie for Governor, and then RP endorsed Lonegan. Sabrin claims Lonegan's plan will raise taxes. Because of New Jersey's complex tax code, this is not as obvoious to figure out as it seems, and Lonegan denies it. Guiliani endorsed Christie, and Art Laffer endorsed Lonegan (because he is a flat tax proponent.) I really don't know what to make of all this.

So far, what i've read from lonegan has not impressed me. But Sabrin isn't someone I completely trust either.

I am a bit confised as to why RP decided to endorse Lonegn specifically, as he doesn't exactly go handing out endorsements. I will call Lonegan's campaign office and reprot on what I find out.

Here is Sabrin's article:


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I live in South Jersey....

I live in South Jersey.... Lonegan lawn signs are all over the place. There seems to be a great deal of support, at least in this area, for the guy.


I just posted on another thread about how PolitickerNJ was a...

RINO rag and would never bother reading another article...and here's another article!

Well, I didn't read it.

It always amazes me just how many stupid people inhabit the state of NJ. I'm not talking about some inner city types, you racist bastard! I'm talking about (shrinking-)middle-class, college educated folk who just can't seem to string two elections together in their head and realize - hey, nothing got better when our side got in...

That's because there is only one side you morons!! WAKE UP!

As Chris Christie is being overtaken in the sacred polls, the neo-GOP has turned the big guns on Lonegan... a man who dared think that maybe people would appreciate keeping the money they worked for rather than shovel it over to their state government. How dare he!

Every neo-con, RINO website and liberal rag in the state is turning it's attention to Lonegan. Lonegan the usurper. Lonegan the heretic.

So what if Murray Sabrin came out against him? RP backed Sabrin in the last election and Murray dropped that ball big-time. I think he wound up with something like 16 votes. So why would I care what Sabrin even thinks about Lonegan.

I look at what Lonegan did in Bogota and vision the same slash and burn campaign at the state level. Do you really think Christie is going to offer anything new once his handlers get him into office?? If so, you're a child. You'd be better off waiting for change from Obama.

I only hope that the groundswell of support that Lonegan has received will only increase with all this negative press since so one trusts the news media anyway. They're cutting their own throats.

I'm just watching them bleed.

I may not know the truth, but I know when I'm being lied to...

I may not know the truth, but I know when I'm being lied to...


Fortune Favors the Bold

I wasn't suggesting support for Christie. Rather I was just posting information for people who are interested.

As for me myself, personally, I don't think i can vote for Lonegan. Which doesn't mean I'll vote for Christie, more likely that I'll vote for neither. From what I've read of Lonegan's policies, I have deep reservations.

I was just trying to figure out what it was about Lonegan that made RP endorse him. He's made three endorsements so far, so there must be something special about Lonegan that Paul likes.

Fortune Favors the Bold