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RJ Harris, should we support him?

Is he a Libertarian or a Republican?
Thursday, May 21st, Liberty Unleashed will be interviewing RJ Harris, a Republican Congressional candidate for 2010 in Okalahoma's fourth district. You might have seen him on Freedom Watch with Judge Napolitano. We want to know, is he really a Republican? How does he compare to Congressmen Ron Paul on the issues?

RJ Has served our country on three deployments: one for a peacekeeping mission in Korea and two for the Iraq war. Both of the war deployments were with the Army National Guard. He is part of the Retake Congress Project and is running against incumbent Tom Cole. We will be discussing RJ's feelings on the war on terror, our new president and RJ’s run for congress in 2010.

Liberty Unleashed is an interactive, live political Internet talk-radio show; independent and free from the shackles of mainstream media. Hosted by Bryan and Bill, who provide you with alternative interpretations of events and news overlooked by mass media outlets. Liberty Unleashed airs Monday-Friday, 6-7 PM Eastern on Revolution Broadcasting.


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I say yes, support him

I was present the night in January he made his announcement to run.
He stated that if it isn't constitutional and Ron Paul wouldn't support it, neither would he.
That sounds like a good platform to me.

Formerly rprevolutionist

Ron does give endorsements....

I'm waiting on RJ's. Don't get me wrong I like him but I don't know him.

Hoot what's with your question?

"Is he a Libertarian or a Republican?"

RJ has always planned to run with the Republican Party. I don't think he was ever considering running on the LP ticket.

If you click here he states the is a Republican.

I met in him in St. Louis at

I met in him in St. Louis at the Campaign for Liberty event.

He was very nice, smart and seemed legit. I assumed he had RP's endorsement as he was in the VIP area greeting people while RP, the Judge and Tom Woods was there.

I would vote for him...

I'm not making excuses for Rand...

but as his father stated about the Iraq war, if we are going to declare war, let's do it as the Constitution requires--with a declaration. I don't believe he was saying that he supported the war, but that a declaration needed to be passed as required by the Constitution. He was for a declaration, not for the war-IMO.

GunTrap, are you replying to me?

It sounds like you are. Regarding Rand + Afghanistan...

I don't believe he was saying that he supported the war, but that a declaration needed to be passed as required by the Constitution. He was for a declaration, not for the war-IMO.

In his interview with Scott Horton, I think he clearly states (at ~ the 13min mark) that he was for (a) having Congress vote on a declaration of war, and (b) that he would have voted in support of it (that is to declare war against the country of "Afghanistan").

I'm pretty skeptical of him

He seemed much more conservative than libertarian when he was on Freedom Watch a few weeks ago.

And I'm becoming more skeptical of Rand Paul. The guy would have supported a declaration of war on Afghanistan (as he stated on his interview on Anti-War radio)? Holy crap!

What's the problem?

Dr. Ron Paul has referred to himself as a "conservative." From the debates: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NMnF7kOITig (video: "Ron Paul: The Refounding Father" posted by user AmericanGuesser)

"I'm the most conservative member here."
-Dr. Paul

So what's your problem with conservatism? A lot of Dr. Paul supporters are conservatives. Conservative does not = neocon.

My problem (and skepticism) with

conservatives is that tend to make annoying concessions when it comes to liberty.

And also, if someone is truly pro-liberty, when do they call themselves a "conservative"? Why aren't they using the term "libertarian"? Libertarian is the term that denotes one who supports liberty.

but then there's

Tom Cole... a-hole deluxe

Ahh, the old 'lesser of two evils' conundrum!

I guess if I could get a nicer slavemaster with this RJ Harris guy I'd support him.


The whole banking thing got me going... no matter how much we protested the only time these monkeys would vote against the big banks is when/if they KNEW FOR A FACT that the money was going through no matter how they voted. I'm just going to have to take my chances on some new blood...Tom Cole is to much of an old dog to learn any new tricks. :O)

I'm gonna have to take my chances...

I didn't listen to the Rand Paul interview....he was for some war in Afghanistan huh...gonna have to listen to that.

Ya, I'd say definitely don't vote for the sleazy Tom Cole

I just spent a few mins at RJ's website looking at his positions. He sounds like he's pretty close to RP. I could support him.

I have spoken to him

I have spoken to him personally a few times and he is right on track. Wait until you see what the retake congress candidates are going to do to assure they uphold the constitution.