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HR 1207 is under close watch.

And good news it is!
I'm proud to see my fellow human beings you americans dedicated to the cause of liberty the way many or most of you have done for quite some time now. Old, new, young alike.

I've been a Daily Paul member for quite some time now because of this cause of liberty which is like nothing else in my own country and, as far as I know, little resemblance of this in other western countries. The commitment that is being made among freedom lovers, the subjects that are being discussed and explored (including the all-time-present (since ever I've been a member) conspiratorial ones), and much inspiration, has been the reward for me - by more or less frequently checking in with the DP.*

As with the work with promoting this bill HR 1207 it is very satisfying to see such spontaneous yet so co-ordinated and creative work being done by such great americans. I just want remark shortly that what is being done at the moment is bound to have it's ripple-effect through time - one way or another. If the bill gets passed, or does not get passed, does not matter - it is a matter for the future.

We deal in the moment. Worrying to much about what will happen and how, will actually only erode much of your effort in whatever you are doing or goals you are reaching for. Even as such a potential fearful idea of an emerging NWO which in fact I know there are more than many which are researching in their personal free time, if true or not, it may affect your efforts negatively. I'm not saying ignore, just be aware and keep power forward your personal goals and wishes - for yourself and others.

You are overall worldwide under close watch but with eyes of encouragement and support. This is my real support of your cause for liberty. So that we one day can meet as COMRADES UNDER THE NEW GLOBAL GOVERNMENT!

- Sorry, my handler forced me to pull that one off :P

So that we one day can meet as free people wherever in the world we would meet. Do again as you as a country once did as your very elders, be a light beacon and a prosperous example of a free nation ruled by the people through bedrock strong principels of liberty!

Salute from,
AbrahamNorway, Oslo, Norway:)


*btw, if you are not yet familiar with the very good and useful community website reddit.com, do yourself a favour and check it out. be sure to add subreddit /ronpaul and /libertarian among others of your favourite topics (also remember to remove subreddits you do not fancy).

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Thank you, Abraham!

You letter was encouraging and inspiring and helpful...very much appreciated, Comrade! ;)

i see you are from oslo...

do you know hans j lisglimt.
i listened to his endless quickie youtubes's about ron and met him at the mises institute this past fall.
a great guy!

Ron Paul is my President

Ron Paul is My President

yeah no

I enjoyed his youtube-videos, he seemed very insightful and dedicated. good to see there are at least one outspoken likeminded in my homeland!
I did sign up for a ron paul meet-up group in oslo in the primaries times (ron paul meet-up groups existed in an insane amount of countries worldwide) but failed personally take action:) they did very good tho.

truth liberate

I'm always interested interested in views

from others outside this country. Can you give us insight into what Norwegians seem to think about the U.S. wars, 9/11, the U.S. economy, etc.?


The country is sort of split between many factions of beliefs and thoughts about politics - sort of represents the look of our parlament with all from 6-8 visible active parties. I would say a fine majority is supporting the US wether Bush or Obama, republican or democrat. Supporters of the war on terror - even if they try to appear to be somewhat critical of US operations.

The biggest tv/newschannels and newspapers has now actually covered suprisingly a lot of the 9/11 controversy but when it comes to ridiculing the subject and using "expert consensus"-nonsense arguments, it's the same as mainstream US.

The economy back home here has suffered badly from the economic crises, but the people has yet not got to experience the slope because of the very strong welfare state. The worse is yet to come tho as our central bank (we have a FED to you know) has lowered interest rates insanly low if you believe we are headed for the next slope around the next corner
+ It would be a lot worse were it not for the fortune of big oil business, the norwegian government 'Petroleum Fund' and an more or less independence from the EU - the only thing I can think of at the moment that makes me proud to be norwegian.

truth liberate