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Journalists told not to cover Bildeberg meeting in Athens


The London Daily News has been receiving dispatches from its Athens correspondent that armed security officials have maintained the secretive Bilderberg Group session in an atmosphere of almost hysterical paranoia, to keep all media out.

The Bilderberg Group which meets in secret each year is the opportunity for the world’s most influential politicians and financiers to debate the "high political issues" of the day in total secrecy. Anyone who attended the London G-20 summit would have thought that this was the precursor for the Bilderberg meeting in Athens.

The media have been locked out of the meeting Athens, and a total blackout is operating in Greece, with local media in many cases not even covering the event. One local journalist who spoke with the London Daily News correspondent in Athens said:

"We have been told by senior government officials that covering the event could cost us our jobs. Greece is in the depths of a major recession and I cannot afford to lost my job".

full article: http://www.thelondondailynews.com/bilderberg-blackout-media-...

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Geithner being prepped

Obama Appointees:

* Treasury Secretary, Timothy Geithner – Bilderberg Group (BG), Trilateral Commission (TC)
* Secretary of State, Hillary Rodham Clinton – BG, Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) married to TC member Bill Clinton
* Ambassador to the UN, Susan Rice – TC
* National Security Advisor, Gen. James L. Jones – BG, TC, CFR
* Dept. National Security Advisor, Thomas Donilon – CFR, TC
* Special State Department Envoy, Henry Kissinger – BG, TC, CFR
* Chairman, Economic Recovery Committee, Paul Volcker – BG, TC, CFR
* Department of Homeland Security, Janet Napolitano – CFR,
* Director of National Security, Adm. Denis C. Blair – BG, TC, CFR
* Secretary of Defense, Robert Gates – BG, TC, CFR
* Dept. Secretary of State, James Steinberg – BG, TC, CFR
* State Department Special Envoy, Richard M. Hass – BG, TC, CFR (President)
* Presidential Advisor, Alan Greenspan – BG, TC, CFR
* State Department Special Envoy, Richard C. Holbrooke – BG, TC, CFR
* Health and Human Services, Katheleen Sebelius – BG, CFR
* FDA appointment - Margaret Hamburg, (Vice President for Biological Programs, Nuclear Threat Initiative) – CFR

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Obama's Cabinet Full Of CFR And Bilderberg Members

Um....I thought Bilderberg was a "business meeting"

Then wth is David Petraeus (among others including NSA) doing there?

2009 Bilderberg Attendee List

Freedom is not: doing everything you want to.
Freedom is: not having to do what you don't want to do.
~ Joyce Meyer

Freedom is not: doing everything you want to.
Freedom is: not having to do what you don't want to do.
~ Joyce Meyer

I'm suprised I didnt see my rep's on there

most are CFR!


Do not live in God's grace.

Enough of these people thinking they own the world.

The U.S. officials in attendance are violating the Logan Act, BTW, which makes this officially an issue for U.S. citizens.

Where is law enforcement?

My liberty-minded home base of thought:



Freedom - Peace - Prosperity

Lose his job...?

Losing his freedoms, liberty and further enslaving him and his children seem a bit more the priority than losing his job. Lordy, Lordy.

unfortunately for him it is probablay a lose/lose situation..

cover it you lose your job, and who's going to print your story? So basically you lose your voice, or what little is remaining by not playing by their rules. Nobody wins in this situation but the big boys...but they will fall soon.