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CIA = black heart of the empire...new RedState.com video

I always debate whether defunding the Federal Reserve or the CIA is a more pressing issue. It's 50-50 I think.

I’m starting to think Pelosi was telling the truth about those briefings.

Another Democrat steps forward and questions CIA briefing.

and there is also this new video video on Redstate: What did Speaker Pelosi know?

No one likes Pelosi and no one likes the CIA. One of them is lying and playing tricks. Which one? I am leaning heavily towards the CIA misleading her since we know the CIA does stuff like that, but who knows.

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CIA has committed too many crimes.


I think the San Fran Nan is just a place holder for San Fransisco. If it wasn't her, then another liberal would be elected there so she is small fish.

I'm not too worried about what happens to her, but I am concerned about the CIA lying to her.


bump I added that video of Pelosi accusing the CIA of lying to the post.