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Revolution Breeds Polygraph Radio :: Artisits Spreading the Freeodm Message or Better Yet Slavery Message

Crazy, hardcore, thoughtful, angry, talented, raging hip truth music for the movement. Have a listen!


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Nice to have

and bookmarked, thanks.

Prepare & Share the Message of Freedom through Positive-Peaceful-Activism.

Pat henry

Yeah bud, Ole Patrick Henry had the same problem of wimps trying to stop the revolution in the name of peace. Heres a quote from Patrick Henry..." What would gentlemen want? what would they have? Is life so dear or peace so sweat as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery??"

Too many F-Bombs??

These are the guys who used to host the "Great Ron Paul Meet-UP" on RPR Radio!!! I was wondering where those guys went. I listened to the stream and a mellow jam about natural freedoms and fiat currency came on first, then a whole slew of different musical formats came on. They all seemed to have the same patriot "truth" message. It's on my favorites. From the sound of it I thought it would be angry death metal or something but it was a great mix. Really funny station identifiers!


I took a listen only because I read another post that said the station was too angry and provocative. "Too many F bombs". I loved it! The music is amazing with a message! I can't believe all the music they have managed to put together under one format. All of it is music for the patriot/constitutional movement or they don't play it. The people in this movment who ARE'NT angry are the same people who sit at home and play armchair activist. Ron Paul lost the election in part because he was too mealy mouthed and polite while his opponents ridiculed and mocked him openly during the debates. Big corporations have conditioned us all to be wimpy and submissive and to behave in our cubicles. I'm really sick and tired of all the flouride drinkers in this movementwho can't take anything above a whisper. WE NEED MORE TESTOSTERONE IN THIS REVOLUTION!!! I will march with Chris Cowan and Mike Knarr of POLYGRAPH RADIO ANYTIME!!!! see for yourselves WWW.POLYGRAPHRADIO.COM

Not bad

Way too many F bombs in some of the music I have listened to. Quite honestly it would be better if they would concentrate on a direct message rather than just anger.

Watch the film "THX1138" online for a glimpse into the future.