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Mockery video of Lindsey Graham

Mockery video of Lindsey

Lindsey Graham debates himself on torture.

ps: this liberal blogger seems to think Ron Paul supports military tribunals or is passive about them.
Republicans Try Having It Both Ways Too

Anyone seen any recent youtube videos or article or house floor speeches denouncing them?

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we need many more

of these comparison videos as these people say one thing and do another.

Excellent video! Wow, the level of hypocrisy is breathtaking!

Perhaps he was 'manchurianed' by the Cheney bunch. Must have been compromised somehow. Perhaps partaking in one of those after party orgies exposed in 'Conspiracy of Silence' documentary.

All like him are in one way or another 'compromised' by their weaknesses.

"The courage of one man is a majority" - Andrew Jackson

I just saw your post in

I just saw your post in another discussion, but this one definitely deserves its own thread. Good video.



i love it