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FEDERAL RESERVE has gone MainStream- Even Self-Help Entrepreneurs are catching on...

If you are like me, I'm sure, throughout your life, you've inquired about the world, how it works, who initially set up this system that none of us had a say in, who runs it, how we got here, and especially how money works.

And along the way, in early stages, you stayed up late 2 in the morning, mindlessly watching numerous infomercials: ab-machines, weed-wackers, Tony Robbins, and no-money down real estate deals, with a credit 'slavery' card nearby. Of course, if anyone looked into marketing, you'd soon find out that 11pm-4am is the primetime for selling infomercial products, as even an act of voluntarily signing up to be indebted for a month to two years to buy most often the most useless product at 2AM, can feel productive to most people. In fact, marketers count on it.

Come on, admit it. How many of you have NOT purchased or downloaded Tony Robbins, Carlton Sheets, Robert G.Allen, Robert Kiyosaki, et al? You know what I am talking about.o)

Well, the proverbial sh*t has hit the fan. The entrepreneur and self-help market is catching on. Either that, or they've learned about it over time, but never disclosed it to their customers. But I believe with the current climate, combination of intentionally engineered financial collapse, and rather economically destitute citizenry, the field is ripe for true education about the origins of the FED.

Enter Ron LeGrand. He is one of the most successful real estate investors, in the last 25 years. Those of you who have remotely scratched the surface of no money down deals and flippers, and gotten otherwise numerous junk mail and spam, are sure to be familiar with many of these people: Russ Whitney, Carlton Sheets, Robert Kiyosaki, and Robert G.Allen. Though if you ask any of them, if they're honest, they'll say their first seminar was with Robert G.Allen, the original No-Money Down real estate guru, from way back in the 1980's.

But, when it comes to no nonsense, plain-english spoken instructional real estate eduction, IMHO, no body does it better than Ron LeGrand, in terms of flipping, wholesale, FSBO, Lease to Own, & REO's. Ron LeGrand has probably taught more Americans to become millionaires than any single person in the last 20yrs. There are data to back that up.

SO what do I find in my InBox from one of his bloggers, today? The following TRUTH about the origins of the Federal Reserve. Definitely worth a read:


So please check it out, Daily Paul'ers!

If interested in more info, aside from all the RP and Mises & Austrian scholars, and G.Ed.Griffin's works, while it's NOT for everyone, but a must, if one WANTS to truly understand the GAME they are playing on ALL of us, please read, "Rich Dad, Poor Dad," by Robert Kiyosaki. That book, above all others, is the most succinctly written, primer on how the basics of modern economy works, at a very real, everyday level.


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I'm trying to remember which disinfo agent that was trying to say that this wasn't true.

It's laid out so well.

Find out if you have a local militia - http://www.uaff.us/

Real Patriots for 9/11 truth -- http://patriotsquestion911.com/


weird that education about the fed is going mainstream.

the explanation by this guy is fantastic.

I think he may be a RON PAUL-er!

He mentions Austrian School of Economics, way down on the page, next to Keynes comparison.

Ahhh... Love the Smell of Liberty arising, in the Morning.


yet very educational.

Yes, thanks!

This was good. I've added it to My Favorites and will also watch the video he included on money.

Do you think we have enough Americans left to pull this out? Or enough people willing to revert or convert to Americanism?

His explanation

of the Fed Reserve should be emailed to all our children and grandchildren (who are old enough to comprehend) ASAP.

It's simple and very easy to understand - even by our dumbed down population!

No kidding

My wife was watching the christian channel last night and John Hagee was doing a sermon on the Federal Reserve and the NWO.
I thought "uh oh, looks like Joe Sixpack is being awakened. This is going mainstream" and then I wondered what in the world is going through all the politicians and banksters minds as they are being found out. I don't know how this is going to end, but it appears a bigger chunk of America is about to start its dissent down the "rabbit hole"

I wached this same program yesterday afternoon...

with some ladies from my Messianic fellowship, I was the official AMEN choir!
(boy, it was fun!)------
Libera me, let the truth break, what my fears make--Leslie Phillips

What's next after End the Fed? Repeal the XVI and XVII Amendments!

"Hence, naturally enough, my symbol for Hell is something like the bureaucracy of a police state or the office of a thoroughly nasty business concern." ~~C.S. Lewis
Love won! Deliverance from Tyranny is on the way! Col. 2:13-15

I've never read Robert

I've never read Robert Kiyosaki's book but have watched a video he put out I think last year about these things. The video is up on YouTube. Kiyosaki basically said that they are heavily invested into silver and that he does not plan to sell until you can purchase an average home with 400 ounces of silver. I believe in the video he said something about silver eventually going to $500 per ounce. Anyhow, if I can find the video I'll reply to my message here with the link..



by Kiyosaki could be a life changing experience. Read it!

Richer, not Poor-er!

Yup, It certainly changed the way I & many others view money, with or without the Creature from Jekyll Island knowledge.

If you've observed Kiyosaki through the years, he really is one of the best EDUCATORS, in best of the sense. Love that he appreciates the need enough, where he introduced his last several programs on PBS. One of the few who actually DEFY "those who cannot do, teach," nonsense!

Plus, his gold investment adviser, I believe it's this one:
http://goldsilver.com/home/ IS a R3VOLutionary and interviewed our GOOD DOCTOR several times. He even tried to convince Kiyosaki on supporting him: there are several YouTube clips of Robert intellectually agreeing with Dr.Ron Paul, but he never felt that the Sage of Brazoria had the right combo of charisma, enough to convince the rest of the American sheeple :o(

While I'd love to DISAGREE, I'd concede that if the same message came from, say, Jesse Ventura, certainly even dumbo-joe-six-pack would at least certainly give the info a listen. But hate that some facet of reality dictates that most POLITICIANS resort to talking to its citizenry with much condescension, as if speaking to their children. But, as always, bucking the trend, Dr. KNOW has the habit of speaking in a consistent intelligent manner no matter WHOM he's talking to; he treats all his audience in the same manner. I'm sure the reason many of us respect him, dearly, for. Sure he's obviously more enthused and at ease in front of us, or at a Mises conference, but that's more of 'level of comfort' issue. A STATESMAN, nonetheless. Love term limits, but with utter lack of honest human beings in District of Criminals, we need more of the Good Doctor, and more like him.

RAnd Paul 2010, and Ron Paul/Jesse Ventura 2012???

Ooooh, one can only hope! Who knows once HR1207 succeeds, and the origins of the evil Fed.Res. REALLY goes mainstream and we make sure to remind the sheeple with clips of him making predictions YEARS ago, and even during the 2008 campaign, in 2012, who knows? Just may be...

Perhaps the Mayan Prophecy of 2012 'Apocalypse,' truly would mean an END to the NWO's era, and beginning of FREE Humanity. Besides, "apocalypse" contrary to common belief, it just means one door closes, for another. So certainly what is clear is, according to their prophecy, the world AS-WE-KNOW-IT will come to an end. Will it be utter technocratic, panopticon militarized uber policestate, perhaps leading down the path of Brave New World? Or truly an era of human liberty enjoyed by FREE HUMANITY? The choice, I'd like to believe, and work towards, is OURS. And is up to all of us.

Okay enough with the koom-ba-ya. Got teary for a bit ,o)

-Reluctantly Optimistic!


nice explanation. glad to see other people writing about it

This reminds me... The other

This reminds me... The other night I was wondering why doesn't a guy like Alex Jones sell his DVDs such as "The Obama Deception" on a 2 minute or 30 minute infomercial on T.V.

He could buy media time on "conservative" channels where the viewers would most likely already dislike Obama. (Fox News, Fox Business, Christian church channels etc..)

I think that people would find it fascinating and chances are that they would order some of his DVDs. Alex Jones could make some money and also spread the message at the same time. I think it's a win win.

We need to get people to stop trusting big government. Alex Jones does a good job of doing that.