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GPS system 'close to breakdown'

I don't know about you, but I would stay away from buying anything that has GPS if the story is true.


It has become one of the staples of modern, hi-tech life: using satellite navigation tools built into your car or mobile phone to find your way from A to B. But experts have warned that the system may be close to breakdown.

US government officials are concerned that the quality of the Global Positioning System (GPS) could begin to deteriorate as early as next year, resulting in regular blackouts and failures – or even dishing out inaccurate directions to millions of people worldwide.

The warning centres on the network of GPS satellites that constantly orbit the planet and beam signals back to the ground that help pinpoint your position on the Earth's surface.

The satellites are overseen by the US Air Force, which has maintained the GPS network since the early 1990s. According to a study by the US government accountability office (GAO), mismanagement and a lack of investment means that some of the crucial GPS satellites could begin to fail as early as next year.

More at:http://www.guardian.co.uk/technology/2009/may/19/gps-close-to-breakdown

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Ohhhh noooo!

Say it ain't so! However will big brother be able to track us?


hey, it is the government. They have to waste money in some way or another. Seriously though, I wouldn't believe that the GPS system is in trouble of technical failure, rather they just want to take it off line for "public" use. Falling satelites will probably be spy satelites of other nations, or communucation satelites that "they" don't want aloft anymore.

Assert Your Authority

Assert Your Authority

Why would they GPS all our homes then?

Either trying to get us to lower our guard, or they plan to use it before then?

Truth exists, and it deserves to be cherished.