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Meghan McCain on Colbert (video)

Colbert was fairly funny... And Meghan is actually not too bad. She's not a senile ol' socially conservative coot like her father.

I wonder where she stands on drug legalization? Maybe she's a possible moderate level ally in the Republican Party?

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Ugh; I'm sick of seeing

Ugh; I'm sick of seeing Meghan McCain all over the place. She is NOT NEWS.

And Sen. McCain is not a social conservative, either. He's a flip-flopper. Dr. Paul is more of a social conservative than McCain.

pretty good.

wish she was a better speaker and got that silly valley girl talk out of her mouth.....but pretty good.

it's sad that these things are even needing to be discussed in 2009....

it sucks great ballsacks to be ahead of your time.