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You have to watch this crap

It's on c-span right now. "The New Deal for the 21st Century"
We're in trouble---well those of you who stick around for it are in trouble.

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you tube


This is sickening

I have watched this for twenty minutes and not one of the imbeciles on this committee have spoken out against the bill. The republican's only thing is to try and push their "transparency" amendment.

The logic as I have seen it so far is that they feel they must do something and the American people know that there will be costs - but as they say themselves, no one knows the end cost on this atrocity. But as an idiot from Maryland (Sarbanes) said "The scariest thing is doing nothing in regards to energy." and the republican's amendment will create a large bureaucracy to track the transparency. Like the f'ing bill won't create a huge bureaucracy in and of itself.

Every last one of these reps are selling us down the river and they are doing it for our own good.


I agree and I hope that some one get's this on youtube, especially the vote on the last amendment, where someone yell's out this should be about waterboarding and then the whole committee laugh! Rep john Shimkus of Illinois had a lot of important thing's to bring up against this bill, and some other guy, which I didnt get his name, made a comment about all the "holding" building that are in this bill, I felt like he was trying to get it on record.

I am not having any luck finding anything

on that link. Maybe someone will post it later.

I had it for a while

but then it froze up on that jackass waxmans face, and when I refreshed I got error after error. I think it says that they don't like the Daily Paul.. :O)

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What is this about?

Do you have a link to video? I don't know what time this was posted, but it doesn't appear to be "on" right now at 10:30pm est.


they are still in committee meeting now at 9:32 pm central time

I am at the page right now, but what am I looking for?

I don't see anything that says New Deal.


"Energy and climate change bill committee" and they will continue again tomorrow

Ok someone help me out..

hopefully cspanjunkie will have this online soon, but what is the jist of what is happening?


The Jist is : we are screw@d lol and america is circleing the drain!


that is an explanation that I can understand..LOL That and apparently there are a lot of dead trees up towards Vail somewhere that we can't use. About that time I had to go read a bedtime story. :O)


But serious tho, on the energy and climate change bill committee the Dem's think it will be OK to have $8.00 a gallon for gas, plus a 10% increase in elect,coal,natural gas on house hold bills, which would put an increase on all product's. But it would force people to consume less, Thus saving the planet.


http://c-span.org/Watch/C-SPAN_wm.aspx watch it's still in progress

I was trying

but I had a three year old to tuck in and I caught the last part....any cliff notes on what this was about?

Now I know why

Tallahatchie valley elect hired a company to go door to door to GPS our metors and electic poles last summer.

A guy in the room

just said " There!!! coming for your guy's I can hear um coming down the hall,you better change your vote.

holy shit

you're right.

did you notice the difference between the "looks" of those who voted yes and no?!?!?!?

am i crazy???


did you hear the Repub tell the Dem " your back room deals have been made, and so now it's a dun deal and were gonna shove it down the american peoples throat"

What about the children henri?

The children. I can't believe her response to job losses was a 15% discount on something. These people are whackos.

most , if not all of those

most , if not all of those morons are multi millionairs who have not had to do a hard days work in their life.. they don't care,,

"When governments fear the people there is liberty. When the people fear the government there is tyranny."
-Thomas Jefferson

I am more concerned about the return of my money than the return on my money. --Mark Twain

I had a thought?

I know, I know, it doesnt happen to often. but when watching these thuggs, it reminded me of a senior class room, without a teacher in the room.

True--It is very hard to watch. They're actively selling us out

right now. It's sad. Pitiful really. The phony opposition is entertaining though.

I never even thought to look on google for mst3k

That is a true classic. I friggin love that show!

That's what I"m talking about..

if it goes down, go check it out on JustinTV under entertainment..it's usually buried in the second or third page. :O)