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something fishy at CA polling places today

So I just went to vote "no" on everything just like "Dr. No" and my polling place was CLOSED mind you it is 6 miles out in the country and I had no notice of this. There was a sign saying you can drive into town and vote at your choice of 2 other polling places. So I drive the 10 MILES back to town and asked the voting volunteer guy about it and he said he's never seen anything like it, it's a "special election" and everything is different, lots of polling places are closed and I'm just lucky to get to vote because there is a list of people who had to vote by mail MANDATORY and aren't allowed to vote at any polling place!! I learned here at the dailypaul that you always have a right to cast a provisional ballot if you're not on the list. Good thing I knew that because when i went to vote for Ron Paul for the presidential election my name was missing from the list and I had to do the provisional. Well the people behind me looked like they were maybe going to be turned away due to being on the mandatory mail ballot only list???
Of course I'm not too sure about what was really happening but this my report on the CA election!! Never experienced anything like it in my lifetime of 41 years, and I always vote.

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Business as usual

I worked as a prescinct inspector for 5 elections with the LA County registrar's office. I'm a big fan of provisional ballots. I am not a big fan of absentee ballots. I have refused one my whole life and for the past three years, I have received a MANDETORY AV ballot. It taked the fun out of voting, that's for sure. I'd really like to see a RP rEVOLution go Indy and go after the Democrat Party (GOP w/ Arnold is too busy shooting its self in the foot).


I would suggest doing the mail in ballot thing, that way you never miss voting due to the polling places being closed, that is what I do, not that your vote really counts, but you might as well try.

No Problem Here (Van Nuys)

Voted at the Fire Station, I was voter #53 around 3pm.
Friendly people, no problems.

They rotate between a school, a hotel & the fire station depending on expected turnout?

Must be your location... "6 miles out in the country"