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Jerky tips?

I'm making another batch of jerky for our food storage. I'm great at beef jerky, and today is my first stab at chicken jerky. I'm a little leery of the timing on this, we eat our beef pretty rare in the first place, but I'm bewildered about the chicken jerky. When is it done? It's a different texture than the beef jerky and I don't want to be up all night looking at it. Should it be at all squishy?
Any advice is greatly appreciated, I don't want to be up til 2 examining it.

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Chicken is not recomended for dehydrating

But if you must, I'd like to suggest you grind the meat, spread it thinly on the silicone mats, and half way through dehydration, when the tops are dry, transfer to a perferated or screen mat to finish. Set the dehydrator on it's highest setting 160 degrees. Should take about 8 hours.

What's your recipe?


I thought I was trying something new.......chicken was marinated 18 hours in soy, teriyaki, red pepper, smoke, and garlic. It's just a funny consistency now.....it doesn'tt make sense. like rubber chicken. I thought the soy cured it so preservation wasn't an issue?? I'm about to pull the plug, go to bed, and fry it for the dog. It's an 8 layer dehydrator, started at 9 this morning, beef is done, chicken just looks funny.
God, I feel like that idiot who asked if his chicken was still good in the fridge after a week...........

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When the jerky is ready, it will dry but not brittle

When the jerky is ready, it will be dry but not brittle. It should still be slightly flexible.

Hmm thanks

I'm about ready to fry it and give it to my husky.....

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probably the best bet.

You'll never eat it if you don't trust it anway.

I have just seconds left online

add some apple cider and garlic cloves.........

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Tons of garlic in the marinade

too late for the apple cider vinegar. Next batch. Thanks LL.

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you might want to google it. I wouldn't want to guess on that you don't want to get sick. Let us know how it turns out. I would like to try it. I don't think I have ever had the chicken jerky. good luck

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Thanks, the beef

jerky came out great, been munching on it all day. I'm just skeptical of the chicken, no one needs to get sick over an economic collapse and all......

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