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Sunday August 19th, Ron Paul Rolling Rally

Our local Meetup has planned a Rolling Rally for Ron Paul's Birthday.

We are going to get as many vehicles together as possible, adorned with all the usual Ron Paul slogans, and parade our caravan around the area.

We invite the rest of Ron Paul Nation to do the same.

Happy Birthday Ron! We love you!

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All Northeasterners Urged To Join Us In NH

Ron Paul will be in New Hampshire the weekend of the Rolling Rally. So we in Connecticut will be taking our Ron Paul Caravan to New Hampshire.

Ron Paul will be in Strafford, NH on Saturday the 18th and Hollis on Sunday the 19th.

If you live anywhere in New England, New York or the rest of the Northeast, then New Hampshire is the place to be that weekend. So get your "Ron Paul" signs and slogans and join us there.

Also, to the rest of the country, show your support with the rest of the Nationwide Ron Paul Rolling Rally on Sunday August 19th.

Finally, contact your local media to let them know about the Rolling Rally.

"The only thing Necessary for evil to Triumph, is For enough Good Men to do nothing."---Edmond Burke