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help get Dr. Paul #1 at wake forest

hey guys....reposting message from

Hello activists!

I would like to personally thank you all for making this movement what it is- a thriving network of activists and patriots that are engaging those not yet awakened to the ideas of liberty and true freedom. You are doing a great job in pushing back statist doctrine! I couldn't be more proud to be with you in this movement!

I want to turn your attention to a poll online. In April, Dr. Ron Paul came to Wake Forest, NC and spoke at a Young Americans for Liberty event. He drew in over 1,200 people to this event (more than VP Joe Biden did a few months before)!

Well, the Leadership Institute is holding a poll for the "Campus Activist Award" in which this visit of Dr. Paul's is a 1 in 4 contender. But at this moment, another group is beating us out with 63% of the vote!

I am asking fellow Campaign for Liberty supporters and other activists in the movement to help Dr. Paul reach #1!

So please spread the word about this! Lets show LI and others out there that Dr. Paul's message of freedom and personal responsibility is true activism! That we are a force to be reckoned with. That we represent true freedom!

I and everyone here at Campaign for Liberty HQ appreciate everything you are doing for the movement!