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Reddit and Digg: Positive Peter Schiff article




The article mainly talks about Schiff's potential challengers in the GOP primary, but it also makes the prediction that he will officially announce his bid on the Daily Show.
I think that would be a great move, because he is never going to have a bigger audience than the Daily Show.
His opponents look in the GOP primary look weak at best and pathetic at worst, this Simmons character is bragging about raising 3 grand in 36 hours on his Twitter. It almost makes me feel sorry for the neo-con, LOL, but not quite.
The other guy, Caligiuri, is in the state senate and looks to be one of these guys trying to make a name for himself by running without much hope of winning, but we'll see. Maybe somebody in Connecticut could say more on him.

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Happy bump

for our guy Peter. Good luck

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