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Check out some real crap: The Obama Portfolio;Obama's 73% Windfall

This is unbelievable crap, and a real insult to non-sheeple. I cannot believe much anymore, after reading this piece of garbage. I need a beer.

This is advertised on: http://finance.yahoo.com/

May 29th, 2009

The Obama Portfolio:

How To Secure Your Share of the Massive Profits
Hidden Behind the Economic Stimulus Plan

Most people don't know this...

But President Obama has a "knack" for picking some extremely explosive stocks.

For example, according to the government watchdog group, OMB Watch, on February 22nd, 2005, he invested in shares of an obscure bio-terror stock.

You could say his timing was perfect.

Soon afterwards, that same company amazingly won a $22 million contract from the Federal Government.

Obama, a US Senator at the time, quickly sold his shares - just days later, banking a rapid 73% profit.

And today, it's about to happen again... Only this time, three new stocks are set to launch.

You see, Obama understands the secret to winning stock trades: Invest in companies about to receive money from the US Government.

Today, inside Obama's 1,047-page stimulus plan, the White House pinpoints potentially massive deals for 3 infrastructure companies that could pay even larger gains to investors.

Investment magazine Kiplinger says these companies "will lead the next bull market."

In fact, one of the stocks is up 166% since the election!

My investment research team has put together a report on the 3 stocks we think will receive million - maybe even billion - dollar contracts under the Obama stimulus plan.

Called The Obama Portfolio: 3 Stocks to Profit from the Stimulus Plan, the report is 100% free... and we reveal the names of the 3 stocks.

Simply tell us where to send it in the box below.


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Hey Steve..

just went and bought a case of Tecate to celebrate the NAU...care to share?. :O)

I snagged it.

I set up a throw-away yahoo mail account and sent for the tout sheet. They are not companies that Obama is known to have bought stock in, but companies that the tout thinks will benefit from the stimulus spending. It could be old news. They have run up a lot from their lows already. They are a small metal (indium) producer, a solar power company, and a building and construction ETF. That last one in particular strikes me as dubious. There's very little infrastructure spending in the so-called stimulus bill.

Ĵīɣȩ Ɖåđşŏń

"Fully half the quotations found on the internet are either mis-attributed, or outright fabrications." - Abraham Lincoln

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Jive: Great data gathering;That sounds like another scam....

for the masses.
Using Obama's name so frequently makes it sound like he is endorsing this group or that the government is backing them up.
Aren't there royalties paid when someone's name is used in an advertisement like this?

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There's just no coincidence to know this stuff beforehand, and then these companies get gov't contracts? How convenient to know in advance and make the rest of America suffer by bailing out failing businesses that should have been left to fail instead of propping them up and letting the bigwigs walk away with our tax dollars.

Real eyes realize real lies

We want our country back

Every year is a year for Ron Paul!

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This is like insider trading...what else do they know?

Agree 100%, but it is too late now. We need a bill to undo what already has been done.

Didn't Martha Stewart spend time

in jail for activity similar to this?

I was thinking the same

I was thinking the same thing...however, technically she was prosecuted for lying to federal agents or some such b.s.

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She also got to do her time in a posh jail for elite...

gangsters. I remember that she even taught origami to the other inmates.

NO conflict of interests

NO conflict of interests there ..DAH pick a stock thats flush ,sure why not.....Maybe he is an AMERICAN boy...

I saw a YouTube yesterday

Obama was going into a burger place... 5 guys burgers I think. So he goes up to the counter and he looks over the menu and makes his order and then tells the other guys to make their orders, and the camerman is capturing the surpize and delight of those in the store, and then it comes time for Obama to pick up his food and he writes a check.

How many people write checks at fast food restaurants? I don't know nay and I don't know any that accept checks.

Do you think the owner of the restaurant is going to cash that check?

So didn't Obama just buy everyone a free lunch?

sounds like desperation to me

lets get the sheeple to "invest" and then pull that too- like the woman that held GM stock since 1973 and just cashed it in(43 shares) for $12 dollars. yes, you read that correctly.



This is the same as . . .

. . . insider trading, IMO.

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Thanks for digging this thread up and responding.

I found this ad astoundingly offensive and catering to simple greedy obama-zombies.
They will get what they deserve with this scam.