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Operation Flagdown

Nothing makes "real change" like activism, and nothing propels activism like strength in numbers with people that actually know each other personally. It is obvious that most of us only know each other in the virtual sense....and that is a problem if we want to maximize our productivity for the cause of freedom. We have precious little time before the next election to solidify and grow our numbers....that's why I propose Operation Flagdown. Beginning June 1st whether it be a yard sign, a banner, a t shirt or a bumper sticker we have to display them proudly and often to make ourselves known to each other. I've gotten a few honks and some thumbs up for my Ron Paul was Right bumper sticker, but if you see an obvious supporter flag em down, we need to work on our actual unity and form meet up groups...whether it's to rally support for H.R. 1207, any one of Ron Pauls brilliant resolutions, Paul like or Constitutionally minded candidates in our respective areas we need to make ourselves known and obvious to each other and everyone else. It is never to early to continue the revolution.....try this for the month of June and see how many friends you make....

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