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Statement of ex-soldier Steven Dale Green ( Convicted~Life Sentence)

Relatives of slain Iraqis confront killer in court

The object of their outrage, former Pfc. Steven Dale Green, convicted of murder and rape, apologized and said he will face "God's justice."

In a hearing that turned emotional at times, surviving members of the al-Janabi family gestured and questioned Green, convicted earlier this month of killing four people in Iraq.


Excerpts from text of prepared remarks that were read in U.S. District Court on Thursday by former Pfc. Steven Dale Green, as provided by his attorneys. His actual remarks deviated at times from the written statement, his attorneys said.

GREEN: What I am about to say is completely my own. No one told me what to say. No one wrote this for me. Not my lawyers, not the government, not anybody ...

Before I was in the Army, I never thought I would kill anyone, and even after I was in the Army, but before I went to Iraq, I never thought I would intentionally kill a civilian. When I was in Iraq, something happened to me that I can only explain by saying that I lost my mind. At some point while I was in Iraq, I stopped seeing Iraqi's as good and bad, as men, women, and children. I started seeing them all as one, and evil, and less than human. When that happened, any natural, learned, or religious morality, that normally would have stopped this, was gone.

But I see now that I was wrong ...


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What's the context for this? Why does he need attorneys? Is he being charged with something?

Soldier Convicted of Rape and Murder

Former U.S. Army 101st Airborne Private 1st Class Steven Green of Midland, Texas, 24, was sentenced to life imprisonment without the possibility of parole by the first civilian jury in U.S. history to try a soldier for acts committed during military service. Many across the world have condemned these felonies as war crimes and they opened Green, the shooter, to a possible death sentence. He instead received life without parole, the lesser of the two possibilities, because the jury "hung," could not reach a unanimous decision on the verdict.

The Paducah, Kentucky federal court jury of nine men and three women had already unanimously found Green guilty on all 16 counts of conspiracy, gang rape of Abeer al-Janabi, felony murder in the killing of her and her family, and arson in the burning of Abeer's body and their home in Yusumiyah, Iraq.


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It says right there

"convicted earlier this month of killing four people in Iraq"


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