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All for a roof

People living in cities are finding it difficult to decide between having an independent house of one's own, however small it may be, and settling for Kochi flats . Having a home on one's own plot of land, surrounded by greenery, is fast getting beyond the reach of many people living in cities because of the sharp escalation in land prices in recent times.

Though Malayalees may feel reluctant to give up that dream of having a independent house of one's own, for which they are often willing to spend a fortune, the harsh reality of today's skyrocketing real estate prices leaves them with no option but to consider buying a flat.

Flat culture

The ordinary Malayali has started moving into flats, which have become comparatively more affordable, perhaps. Though the culture of apartment living has only begun to take roots in cities, particularly places like Kochi, there are still many people who cannot think of living in a flat.

Both lifestyles have their own advantages and disadvantages. There are those who have left their houses and shifted to flats because of the convenience they provide. But, there are also those who would not compromise on having an independent house of their own.

A building could then be built with each separate apartment sold off to the public and one of the apartments to a resident manager who maintained the whole resort. They kept the gardens maintained, cleaned the pool and generally looked after the building. The other role they played was to rent out the apartments of owners to vacationers as an onsite real estate agent.

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