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US News and World Report 911 hit piece backfires against the Propagandists


U.S. News and World Report ran an article on May 26th entitled “The Inner Worlds of Conspiracy Believers”. The intention was to demonize the truth/freedom movement by implying that anyone who doesn’t believe the official story of 911 or anyone who mistrusts the government all-together is mentally ill. But the real story isn’t the obvious moronic drivel concocted by this yellow-journalistic rag of disinformation, it is the collection of well-informed comments left on their site…. 147 so far, the overwhelming majority of which are critical of the official conspiracy theory and also of this collection of nonsense that tries to pass itself off as news.

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Yeah! The comments are better than the article!

Bump for the comments!

The comments are fantastic!

The article is actually kind of funny to read.


"There is nothing to fear except the persistent refusal to find out the truth, the persistent refusal to analyze the causes of happenings." - Dorothy Thompson


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Kemp: I agree 100% -- "refusal to analyze" on both sides

The Truth Movement Refuses to Analyze why it's taking so long to get a public debate -- It's because they keep speculating on who did it -- That's the "crack" talking.

The Deniers Refuse to keep their Analysis on Build #7 -- Seven is the key and can't be explained.

Truthers are bent on ruining Build #7 by jumping too quickly into Thermite Dust -- IronMan was right when he said that it needs to be compared with "real" thermite.

Truthers need a PR person -- BADLY




I love the comments against that stupid article. Truth rising may it grow and grow and grow until not even people living under a rock doesn't know and want a new, open and honest investigation.

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bump for freedom*)

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