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Feel Good Thread: Positive Things Going On In The Liberty Movement

It's easy to get bummed about the government, the Federal Reserve, the media, etc. as well as getting burned out fighting the good fight. Coming to the Daily Paul is not only good for finding out about different things going on, but also for getting positive inspiration that our efforts are making a difference. Stop and consider a couple years ago if you would've thought all this would be happening.


Ron Paul's H.R. 1207 to Audit the Federal Reserve has 179 cosponsors and continues to gain new members. It's going from a foregone conclusion for people to place their trust in the Fed, to now it seems irresponsible, if not downright ludicrous to let the Fed go on unchecked even among average Americans.


Judge Andrew Napolitano's show Freedom Watch is being broadcasted weekly on Fox News web site every Wednesday and is being considered for live broadcast.


Liberty Rider, Mike Maresco has embarked this past week on his Ride For Honesty trek across America from the Statue of Liberty to Alcatraz. He is going to contact county sheriffs along the way and give them among other things a copy of Sheriff Mack's book, "The County Sheriff: America's Last Hope" as well as Ron Paul's "The Revolution: A Manifesto".


Upcoming Liberty Candidates

  • Debra Medina (official)
  • RJ Harris (official)
  • Rand Paul (launched exploratory committee)
  • Adam Kokesh (launched exploratory committee)
  • Peter Schiff (considering)
  • Gary Johnson (considering)
  • Mark Sanford (considering)

    I'm sure there's more. Let me know and I'll add to the list.


    Many states either considered and/or passed state sovereignty resolutions declaring their 10th Amendment rights with Montana going as far as nullifying federal gun laws.


    Tom Woods book "Meltdown" is a New York Times best seller. Ron Paul has a new book on the way tentatively titled "End the Fed".


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    I needed this as well...

    I get depressed reading all of this stuff but at the same time I feel I need to be informed.

    Yes, yes, yes

    there are good things happening and thank you for pointing them out.

    Prepare & Share the Message of Freedom through Positive-Peaceful-Activism.