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My high school friend is running for senate

She is running as a democrat.Ive been bringing up everything that Ron Paul has stated and they love it.Its all about less taxes,fiscal responsibilty,sound money, and liberty. The more I talk the more they want to hear. Im going to help her while spreading Ron Pauls message. check out her website. http://www.mcelroyfornysenate.com/access/index.cfm?Fuseactio... Dont worry Im still going to help Schiff,Rand and the good Dr but if I can change these peoples minds we are on the way. give me feedback!

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Tell her if she wants

Tell her if she wants support to register at www.retakecongress.com and if she agrees with our platform we will accept her and get her all the help we can



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good work


The worse things get

the more receptive the audience.
Makes no difference which 'party' you represent if you follow the constitution.
Keep spreading the word, freedom and sound money are popular.

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I'm considering running for state rep. I think I can do more good at the state level.