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A conditional acceptance just stopped a Sheriff sale!

I have a friend who has a $130,000 house in Michigan, A law firm contacted him about 2 months ago with a NOTICE of Sheriff Sale. He sent the Law firm and B of A a "Conditional Acceptance" through a notarial service in Pennsylvania.

The 30 days passed, sent a notice of dishonor and option to cure with another 10 days to respond. They never responded, so the notary sent a 3 day final option to cur notice, and another certificate of dishonor.
Then finally a certificate of default. The law firm has dropped the case, the sheriff sale was halted, and B of A sent him a nice note "it's not too late to keep your house"

These banks lent credit, not money, which is ILLEGAL. They put up NO consideration, and instead created the money for the loan out of thin air.


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take a look, i think its what you are talking about.


Because of the punctuation you will have to copy and paste link


I'm not following this very well and would like to. Can someone explain this in very simple terms like I might be trying to explain it to say, a 14 year old. lol
Perhaps elaborate on it some.

I love my country
I am appalled by my government

I love my country
I am appalled by my government

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I've been reading about this

I've been reading about this strategy and even though I intend to continue paying on my house, I'd be very interested in seeing sample documents of what your friend used with his mortgage company.

What happens if one is not being forclosed upon and they use this strategy? Is it only useful for those facing forclosure or will it lower the debt of mortgages in good standing?

I am also wondering why the banks haven't pushed through some sort of legislation that would make it legal to lend credit as opposed to real funds.

Basically, whenever you get

Basically, whenever you get a loan, or credit of any type, the bank uses your 'good name' and FICO score, to make themselves a lot of money.
My in-laws always say "well, I can just get a house for free"

I have a good analogy for people who feel that not paying on the house and getting to keep it is immoral.

Your name and FICO score has a value. If, for example, you have a FICO of 765, that may mean that your name and FICO is worth as much as a Babe Ruth Rookie Card to a bank. lets say that amount is $1,000,000 mil.
Heres how it works.

You want to buy a house for 250,000.

You go to the bank, they run your info, find out you are worth 1 million.
REMEMBER, that $250,000 house is worth over about 1.2 million dollars over 30 years with interest. Therefore, they can sell that loan of 250,000 for maybe $500,000 to a long term investor.

So the bank enters 250,000k into a computer and creates it. Then they sell it for, say 500,000k. They give the seller 250,000k, and the bank keeps 250,000k. Then the bank lends that 250,000k out again with fractional reserve banking around 7 times.

Imagine if you had that Babe Ruth Rookie Card worth 1 million dollars, and there was a house you wanted for 250,000 dollars, would you trade?
Imagine if you did, then after the trade was over, the sellers wanted you to pay them another 1.2 mil over 30 years. you would think he was insane.

Always remember that your name and signature have a value. You did not get your house for free, you got your house as a gift for making the bank over a million dollars.

To answer your question:
National banks are only allowed to lend money. They can NOT lend credit. ALL OF THEM DO!!
Since they lend you credit, and not money, they can NOT legally demand you pay. Which is why they will ONLY send statements and NOT an invoice. Even if you request an INVOICE they will say no!

A statement is just that, a statement. An invoice is a legal Demand for money.

So you send them a letter that says you will agree to their terms upon their proof of claim that they lent you money, that they put up true consideration for the loan, that they would be injured financially if you did not pay. Failure to respond to this Conditional Acceptance will result in the issuance of a certificate of default, and you will forever be estopped from claiming a debt exists.


Thank you:

I am starting to get a little bit of a grip on it.
I am working on learning so many different things about allodial titles, taking my straw man back, and many other things, that this is just another mind boggling endeavor to help me go insane. It sure is fun.

I love my country
I am appalled by my government

I love my country
I am appalled by my government

Where did he get the forms to file or send?

I don't know what they are or where to find them.