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Pulling a Specter: The GOP Establishment 2009-2012

While I believe this movement has continued to thrive largely because of the meltdown of the US economy, I do feel I can safely make some predictions regarding the future of the GOP establishment, through 2012 at least. Should Ron Paul-endorsed candidates do well in 2009 and, particularly, 2010, look for large scale defections of GOP financial and political kingmakers to the Democrats. They'll "pull a Specter;" that is, they will blame their treacherous defections to the rise of "extremism" and "extremist candidates" in the GOP. They are not really "defecting," as they are all RINOs, as were the Specters and the Jeffords of this decade. The Democrats don't really need them, as their influence is limited outside the "blue" states. However, we should be ready to answer any challenges by the MSM or "Judas wing" Republicans, even if they happen to include party leaders, such as Senate Minority Leader McConnell or House Minority Leader Boehner. Further, we should recruit to our ranks Democrat incumbents, particularly those who support HR 1207 or its companion Senate bill. The long awaited party realignments may be taking place before our eyes, and this is a really good thing. However, we should avoid the continued attacks on people, such as Naomi Wolf, Cynthia McKinney, Dr. Steve Parent, and others, who have aided our cause, whether intentionally or not.