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Monsanto, The Rockefeller's and The Rothschild's


Permit you to do WHAT? - Absolutely not!

"Permit me to issue and control the money of the nation and I care not who makes its laws," said Mayer Amschel Rothschild less than two centuries ago.

In confirmation of his words and the effectiveness of his intention, his family now control the finances of the world and routinely ruin nation after nation and race after race at their whim as a matter of course, as we have seen in so many instances of the past, presently see in America and shortly will see throughout the rest of the world. - Please don't think or say they don't - Many of us are all too familiar with all the practices and mechanisms involved, even if some of you aren't, and though others know but don't want the rest of you to think it is other than an accident of Nature.

Monsanto has also declared its plans - if we 'permit' them - to dominate the food supply of the world. 1 It produces the lethal 'Round-Up' herbicide, which eliminates all plants other than those also produced by Monsanto and its co-conspirators Dow and Du Pont, which are genetically modified to withstand their 'Round-Up'. This will enable them to sell the only viable food-seeds to the rest of the world at whatever price they care to name - or to withhold them and therefore cause mass starvation. (Their choice of the name 'Round-up' is interesting as it is the term used for the activity of gathering 'cattle' together before driving them to their slaughter).

The Rockefeller family, who control Monsanto and are at the moment servants of the Rothschild family, are also sponsoring in the Spitzbergen Islands a seed-bank of all existing natural plants so that, when they have eliminated the rest of us unwanted humans by starvation, they will be able to re-populate the planet with natural plants.

Their country-cousins and family-friends also control the education of our children and, by means of publishing only progressively-stunting 'education' books, are producing generations of our children with less and less interest in learning or in perceiving reality and less and less ability therefore to recognize what is being done to them and to the rest of us. Their 'international' friends who control our media and the junk-food industries further the same process in our adults. These powers-that-be have also already proved that they can feed men sterile and vaccinate women to be effectively barren. All with the best of intentions - of course.

Their dual-nationality allies are inserted strategically into all our governments and 'commissions', and they control us and our individual nations via their incontestible edicts applied under their 'laws'. They also amalgamate our nations into greater groupings, each with its Rothschild controlled 'Central Bank', for their easier management - by them, of course, rather than by the rightful inhabitants of the various subservient countries, and raise - 'harmonize' - all our price levels. They then flood our various lands with natives of other 'states', thus fragmenting our family nations by dilution.

To read the entire piece go to the link referenced above.

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Mayer Rothschild said a whole lot more

and we see it all happening today. Whether we permit them or not, that's not how they operate. They don't go by permission given, they just DO.

Please if you have time, watch the videos Ted Gunderson Chronicles 1 (video google) and read the book I referenced in this thread.. and the links to the book. Pawns in the Game by Carr.
If you want the pdf book, you can download it from mininova, or I can send it to you.



Did you get that article off their ON THE EDGE topics.

I dropped OEN when OEN dropped 911 Truth, NWO, JFK and Chemtrail conspiracies. I may not agree with the theories, but I believe the people who believe them have a RIGHT to discuss them.

Anyone with money

still in a large bank needs to have their head examined. The money should have been moved by now to small, local banks.