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Ron Paul on YouTube Debates

John McCain and Ron Paul are the only two people willing to participate in the YouTube debates so far... Seems the other GOP candidates are a little skeptical. The article makes a list of observations about the situation, however, I particularly liked #6:

(6) Ron Paul will continue to pick up supporters. McCain still won’t have a prayer.

Read the whole article here:


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YouTube debate - ACTION NEEDED!

I've been searching articles on the YouTube debate and most talk of a GOP snub without mentioning Paul and McCain.
We need to send more emails asking they at least be mentioned as to avoid being lumped in with the "top-tier" cowards. We can aslo leave comments on these articles pointing out that our man was not one of the debate avoiders.
Also, many articles mention the SaveTheDebate.com petition so everyone here NEEDS to sign.
I want to see Ron Paul blow all these bastards out of the water on as many TV and computer screens as possible.

Look At All The Happy Creatures

Petition to keep the YouTube debate alive

This debate and all others that Dr. Paul can attend would be great for him.
He needs more exposure. The thing that totally turned me around was the debate where Rudy attacked Dr, Paul. I watched Fox News on who won the debate and was surprised to see Dr. Paul was the favorite. I then went back and re-listened to him to see what I was missing. Well, what I was missing was that I was a Conservative Republican who had lost his way.

Go to the website to sign the petition. He will have a strong impact in a venue like this.



Mitt is acting like a snob, which won't do, and Rudy, well perhaps these YouTube clips are a stinging indictment of where he really stands on things:


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CNN will probably cancel the

CNN will probably cancel the debate i`m afraid.

walter whitt

That would be gutless of

That would be gutless of them, if they did. It's not like these guys have that much to do, and if they thought the snowman video last time was "demeaning," so what? Running for President's demeaning. Get used to it. What crybabies.

If it were up to me, I'd have 'em all in a round robin chess tournament AND playing nightly hold'em poker tournaments. A few dumb YouTube questions is nothing compared to what I want these guys (Ron Paul included) going through. Oh, and while I'd be rootin' for him, I think one of the slicker types like Romney would win the money in the poker game, but you can tell a lot about a person by how he/she loses at poker, anyway, and even if Dr. Paul lost I'm sure he'd look and sound good.

PS Cocoa sign-waving event was great today -- 10 of us showed up in rural Brevard, and 40 people regularly show in Orlando. :)

This could be huge

The fact that Giuliani & Romney have forsaken this event could be huge for Dr. Paul. They have really shown their hands here. They know what a huge liability this could be for them. Indeed they view everytime they open their mouth as a potential liability - they are content to shut up & keep riding the media express. McCain doesn't have anything to loose. His appearance will amount to little more than free advertisement for the Bush-Neocon position on things like the war & immigration.

Someone @ the Paul campaign more politically savvy than myself should put together a stinging indictment in the form of highly publicized press release (or something) that calls these two "front runners" out. Call them out for their elitism. Personally I don't see how Giuliani hasn't already imploded with his platform of Cocaine Distribution, NYFD fiasco, Prostitution (Vitter) and the convicted Pedophile Priest who he has employed. Remember Bernard Kerik? It's clear that a turd attracts flies, & Giuliani attracts some of the most sanctimonious vermin that the good old USA has ever produced.

Attention Paul Campaign: This could be a turning point, call these guys out for their elitism. They like to talk the talk, but when the rubber meets the road they flea like Thomas Hutchinson & the rest of the Tories behind the castle walls. I can't stomach the possibility of a morally devoid carpet bagger or scumbag baby-kisser besting the true-blue Dr. Paul.

Mano a Mano is Macho, although CNN is picking the questions

It is less than ideal that CNN will be picking the questions (as one of the commenter mentioned following the linked article). Clearly, if that was the case, they did YouTube a dis-service by picking some of the undignified choices from the submissions for the earlier Democratic YouTube/cnn debate.

It seems likely that CNN, already having had their clocks cleaned by the clearly neo-conservative Fox News, would be all to happy to do a bit to undermine the momentum of the newly de-centralized media that will soon relegate them to Anachronisity.

In any case, John McCain vs Dr. Paul sounds good to me. The mano a mano approach befits these two veterans, and it will make for a purer contest of ideologies. Besides, McCain is the staunch personification of the biggest hurdle between here and Dr. Paul's nomination: namely, the support for the war by the Republican base.