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Schiff to be on Stewart's "Daily Show" on 6/9!!

According to www.europac.net Peter Schiff will be appearing on John Stewart's "The Daily Show" on 6/9/09! I can't wait to see this one considering Schiff has been wanting to go on his show for awhile now!

p.s. Is anyone else having serious problems with this site for the past month? I don't even come to this site very often anymore becasue my computer usually crashes or it is terribly slow and unresponsive...even this post is taking a long time to get posted...

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well, it's about time...yippee!

Ron Paul is my President

Ron Paul is My President

Gonna be interesting- I hope

Gonna be interesting- I hope they give him a lot of time for the interview and call him back. I thought it was unfortunate they never brought Ron Paul back after the election.

Yea it will be interesting.

Yea it will be interesting. I hope Schiff doesn't embarrass Stewart too much that he won't have him back in the future.

I've had some problems too on this site, but not as bad as yours it appears...