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Cheney should be asked to prove his claims of stopping attacks?

Cheney likes to brag about how the Bush administration kept Americans safe by using torture to prevent attacks. When is someone in the press going to ask him to prove it?

Mr. Cheney, can you show us:

A. The documents proving there were real attacks planned.
B. What kind of torture was used.
C. How this information actually prevented the attacks.

It's easy to claim and take credit, but - where is the proof? When is someone going to have the guts to stand up and ask the obvious?

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Yeah, this is like saying

I have this "Elephant Repelling Belt Buckle".

I'm wearing my belt buckle and I don't see any elephants, so it must be working.


Curious about your user name?


other spineless lawyer wanna-be, Biebe (sp?), Liz Cheney, Karl Rove, Rumsfeld, etc. since they keep spouting off about how their "enhanced interrogation methods" aren't torture! I would LOVE to hear just some of what the DICK knows! 9/11, Valerie Plame, Iraq war, etc.
I'm so SICK of Liz and Dick Cheney's faces on the news almost everyday! We didn't hear from him this much in the 8 long years he was VP! He needs to SHUT HIS HOLE and GO AWAY!

"If virtue and knowledge are diffused among the People, they will never be enslaved. This will be their great security."
-Samuel Adams-

I thought we believe in the

I thought we believe in the rule of law....IN MY AMERICA a person is to be presumed innocent untill ,you prove him guilty ..I don't care what the name be..you-no

We are not accusing him of a crime we are just

asking him to provide some proof and evidence to back up his BS rhetoric. Don't you think if he had the proof it would already be blasted across the MSM. I don't believe there have been any legitimate threats.

HOW in this mans world, is

HOW in this mans world, is anyone going to prove or disprove whether lives were saved..That can only be told by a GOD. Anything else is purely conjecture either way.

If they tortured someone then that information

was documented by someone and the relationship to a terrorist attack could be established and verified.

If attacks were immenient then this would have also been documented by either the CIA, the FBI or some law enforcement agency.

All I'm saying is anybody can get up and say anything but if there is no proof then it's all just hot air.

(Are you Stoned)?

No, no, because truth in the face of tyrrany...

is a lie. Therefore if he exposed the truth of his statements they would become lies. And if he's lying, then he ain't telling the truth. Now, he's an AMERICAN and solely interested in protecting all of us. We should just trust his statements are true because we can't be lied to. Always remember, trick me once, shame on you, trick me twice...well, you can't trick me again. Wisdom is so powerful...

Assert Your Authority

Assert Your Authority

Obama's White house special

Did anyone watch this last night? They mentioned that Raum Emanuel was a member of the IDF (Isreali Defense Force) for a while. Why doesn't this also raise alarms? I think he should have to answer a few questions like where does his allegance lie, With Isreal or with the US?

Rahm E

Where do you think it lies Magicmann, look up his book called "the Plan". Scary stuff O.o

Torture was done under the UN

UN Resolution 1551, and a coalation of the willing to torture to keep America safe. That is why and how Cheney, Bush and Obama and Biden are not going to be guilty.

The whole war was the UN

The whole war was the UN impotence to enforce sanctions...This led to the excuse...WE did the UN's dirty work & we are now paying through the nose for the expense they handed to us...FRIENDS.

Becasue the UN has it's own UN ICC

International Criminal Court, which Bush did not sign, so is Geneva going to try the UN?

I understand what you are saying but isn't

the US still obligated to abide by the Geneva convention that we signed?

If Cheney Disagrees

If Cheney Disagrees with Obama so much....Wouldnt it be funny to ask him why doesnt he yank the long form birth certificate for us to prove Obama is a poser..and Cheney can be happy with getting rid of him.

Freedom is another way to God...A corrupt government is a straight way to hell.

I believe in Hope & Change..I Hope the government will Change
Spindale-Rutherford County-North Carolina

Dick and BO are really on the same team

It's like the WWF, they act like enemies but in reality they are both part of the same scam!

Exactly they are on the

Exactly they are on the team., SMOKE SCREEN, to keep you occupied while Obama steals the kitchen.



You could have said it ,I

You could have said it ,I don't mind