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ATTN PA, NJ, DE: Griffin & Perloff, back to back!

G. Edward Griffin in St. Davids PA on June 24th.


James Perloff in Runnemede NJ June 25th.


Rarely can one find back to back speakers like this.

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AS a reminder for Freedom lovers and learners in the Delaware Valley.

We got 2 titans of the movement in town Perloff, and Griffin.

Don't miss out!

I read the book "Shadows of Power." by James Perloff

A great introduction into the Establishment and those behind it's inception.


“Liberty without learning is always in peril... and learning without liberty is always in vain”

- John Fitzgerald Kennedy


"The greatest mystery of all is truth." - Me, 2009

First show on 24th sold

First show on 24th sold out!
Second Griffin show added on June 23rd!


Sold Out!!

This is very good new's!! :o)