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Proof that Ron Paul is in the Top Tier

The University of Nevada, Reno is holding a debate on August 20th. The Brookings Institution and ABC News are cosponsors of the event. They've only invited four Republican candidates, the so-called, media anointed 'big 3' (you know who they are), and Ron Paul.

Way to go Dr. Paul! Now let's see if Rudy, Romney and McCain have the courage to show up. It looks like neither Rudy nor Romney like the idea of the YouTube debate. They'd have to actually answer questions from the people. Clearly they're too powerful and important to have to do that!

Read about Dr. Paul an UNR here.

And about the YouTube debates here:

and here

I think Ron Paul vs. John McCain will make for a fascinating debate.

Ron Paul is in the top tier indeed. The competition is scared!

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Will this be televised?

And if not, why is ABC sponsoring the event?



Ron Paul, our teacher... our leader....

It seems that only a true Constitutionalist is able to unite people of differing backgrounds and parties.

Me, I'm a liberal, heavy metal musician but I am also a person who believes in honor and self-determination. Dr. Paul has inspired me to register as a Republican, which if you talk to my family and friends, would otherwise be unthinkable.

Ron Paul will take the other candidates to school. Let's hope they have thier note pads out. I surely will!!!

Go get um Ron!!


"The greatest mystery of all is truth." - Me, 2009

Congratulations, Dr. Paul

on continued success!

UNR debate (I invited Ron Paul to it)

I wouldn't take this development to mean too much. The UNR team who will hold this debate sent a form letter to many people (myself included). The form letter was just an invitation and the person who sent it encouraged us to fill out the invitation and put our favorite candidate's name in it, then send it to their campaign.

My guess is that I was one of the few who chose Ron Paul. Given the recipients of the email, I'm sure I was the only one who chose a candidate on the Republican ticket. But, I'm glad to see it amounted to something (if it indeed is my invitation that this blog is about).

It makes me think...

They invited anyone who has any money. The other 4 have barely any, and barely any campaign visible here in NH, while Paul supporters are everywhere.

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Reno debate

This makes me wonder whether the debate sponsors have some "inside info" that many of the so-called "second tier" candidates will be dropping out soon.

Fox RP News in Houston

Sorry if this has already been posted (I've been away from the computer a few days.) Very balanced for Fox (even a local affiliate) and I am certain it was impactful in Houston. Particularly liked seeing and hearing from the Paul family. And, that "moss" clinging on...and growing was cool!



GAV, Global Artist Village Endorses RP

....again, another "niche" that may have already been posted, but Global Artist Village has endorsed Ron Paul as their "first" choice for President. They will be including regular updates on his campaign.


Their motto is "Tell Them the Truth!"


This smells.

Not sure if I smell a rat but I don't like the looks of this.

A while back when some politico from Michigan tried to keep Ron Paul from future debates there was a roar of protest; same with the Mayor of Spartanburg, South Carolina. Dr. Paul was vindicated, included and has done consistently well.

Now, however, Paul is in the "in" group and other republican hopefuls are not invited? Every candidate ought to have the same opportunity.

I am an avid RP supporter, but not if it means stacking the deck.

He should still attend, of course, but ask the questions: why aren't the other candidates included today?

Paul supporters, in your enthusiasm - remember the golden rule.

Agree with "zenpiper" on this. But Ron Paul should not wait until the debate to ask where are the other candidates. If there is one thing Ron Paul is known for, it's his integrity - and I'm fairly certain if he accepts that he will ask for the other candidates to be included, too. ( Even if this cuts into his own air time.) His campaign supporters should have the same consistancy and demand that the other candidates be included as well.
It's amazing how such fair treatment for other candidates will come back to reward the campaign in the future. Let's remember the "Gollden Rule" (and I don't anything about the gold standard).


"answer questions from the

"answer questions from the people. Clearly they're too powerful and important to have to do that!"
I don't think this is the reason, Michael.
The reason is to diminish exposure to You Tube itself.
Imagine millions CNN "sound bites" viewers find out about the source on the internet called You Tube where they can learn extensively about varies issues aand things like:
-reading recommendations to Giuliani;
-who dresses like a woman and got kissed by Trump;
-who is more popular on the internet and what his issues are;
-and more.
Isn't that to dangerous to Rudy McRomneyson's?

Michael Nystrom's picture

You mean this video of Giuliani in drag?


Are you talking about this video of Giuliani in drag, being kissed by Trump:


Don't you think that would be good for his campaign? What is it they say about media these days - any exposure is good exposure? You think that's what's keeping Rudy away. That might be part of it, but I stick to what I said earlier - the questions that real people ask are simply too unpredictable. They don't want to have to give their canned, spinned answers, and then have Dr. Paul show them up with the truth. That's below them, and it could be embarrassing, too. They'd rather just get elected the old fashioned way - by spending lots of money, and with as little contact with the public as possible!

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No Michael. Questions from

No Michael.
Questions from real people are preselected to suit journalistic purpose.
When thousand of the people submit their questions many of them will be similar to the ones any journalist would ask. Then they select only those. That is exactly what happend with the Democrats CNN/You Tube debate. I haven't noticed any difference in questions from regular debate.
It is all about You tube exposure, nothing else.


I just read an article that said 300 tix were sold to RP fans for the Ga. residents only straw poll and that this would 'skew' the results.

I had the biggest laugh over that... as if the phony phone polls don't skew?


Also, seems that ICA is not happy with Mitt and Rudy so I hope they have an epiphany over Paul.

They were carping about the 'top 2' not showing for their Hy-Vee forum, but have not yet learned who is the real 'christian' is in the race....the one who drew 1,200 people next door!


Jane Aitken, 35-Year Veteran Teacher
Ron Paul 2008 Consultant
GOP Woman of the Year 2009
Founder NH Tea Party Coalition (NOT AFFILIATED WITH ANY FAKE 2009 GROUP)
Founder USPEINetwork @ Yahoo (Nat'l Edu Activism Group)
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